Graduation is one of the most exciting and joyous times in a person’s life. It signifies their accomplishment, new chapter, and future accomplishments to come. For many people it also means that they are moving on from home for the first time; leaving friends behind and starting a new phase of their lives as an independent adult.

Sending the perfect graduation announcement can be a difficult task to accomplish as the academic year comes to a close. Use this step by step guide to help meet your production deadlines.

Announcing Your Graduation

The first step in the designing process is to select a graduation announcement template that you like. You can find templates in magazines or online, so take some time to search for one that fits the theme of your announcement. After uploading it to your computer, edit the template with relevant information about yourself. Get creative by including pictures with college friends and professors, adding your favorite quote or designing the announcement to look like a ticket stub to your next adventure.

A graduation photo is always great way of showing off that fancy degree you just earned! And not only do photos make announcements more personal and authentic but they also serve as tangible reminders of all those hard-earned lessons learned throughout college.

Writing The Perfect Message

Graduation announcements should include the following basic details:

  • your name
  • date of graduation
  • degree
  • school’s name

If you are graduating from a two-year program or receiving an associate’s degree then include a line about that as well.

What makes your graduation so special is you! And what makes your graduation announcement so special is the details about you. Draw from your life experience to showcase your accomplishments in a creative way. Write a message that reflects who you are, your achievements, and what your proudest moments at school were.

Include some of your favorite memories from college and try to be as specific about what made those moments special or why they are meaningful to you. If you have any words of wisdom for the next generation, don’t hold back!

Selecting Your Card Stock

There are different types of graduation cards you can choose from (e-cards, flat cards, folded cards) and each of these are made out of different types of paper. If you want to save money and not go with a folded card, an E-card is your best bet! Consider a combination of the options below especially if you are planning on sending out a graduation party invitation too.

  • E-Cards- You can order e cards from many websites or make them yourself at home using special software such as Publisher, PowerPoint or Photoshop.
  • Flat cards- Flat cards are like postcards with full color printing available on both sides. They are more expensive than E-cards but give you the option of putting photos or graphics onto your graduation announcements.
  • Folded Cards- Folded cards can be either cut on a paper cutter, hand-cut with scissors or done online by selecting the fold type before printing.

Final Thoughts Prior To Placing Your Order

The number of announcements you order depends on how many guests you wish to communicate with, but it can be counterproductive and expensive to order too many. When setting your budget, remember that you are not only ordering announcements but also postage which will increase your costs significantly.

  • When to order announcements. To ensure that your graduation announcements will be ready in time for your big day, order three to four weeks in advance. If something goes wrong with an order, there will still be extra time to get a reprint.
  • Send your announcements to everyone. Inviting friends and family members to a graduation ceremony or celebration should be an inclusive endeavor. Consider expanding your guest list to include people who don’t live nearby. Family and friends who are far away will appreciate being remembered too, so pull out your old address book and send away.
  • Order a few extras for memorabilia. Graduation announcements can serve as a keepsake for grandparents, parents, and graduates alike. Order enough so that you have some to share with other graduating seniors!
  • Don’t forget the “thank you” cards. Send thank you notes to those who give a gift, but don’t forget to also thank those who have played an important part in your education. Be sure to order the thank you notes in advance of the graduation so that gifts can be acknowledged as they arrive.
  • Names cards are like business cards. Ordering extra name cards and adding a label with your e-mail address and cell phone number is a good way to stay in touch with associates you meet at graduations.

Graduating college is an exciting, one time event that marks the end of one life chapter and the start of another. Thankfully, you can easily keep track of your printing deadlines to ensure your loved ones stay informed about your life achievements.