From the moment you become a parent two things become clear immediately – the first is that you love your child and will do everything in your power to protect them, and the second is that being a parent is challenging. There is no sugar coating it, as a parent, you’re going to have ups and downs and days that really challenge you.

If you’re a millennial parent, there are a number of challenges that are presented to you on a regular basis; it’s knowing how to overcome them that makes all the difference in the world. So let’s explore the three biggest challenges you will probably face at some point.

The Harmful Effects of Social Media

One of the most current and largest issues facing millennial parents is how to properly approach the use of social media by kids. It’s no secret that social media can be the breeding ground for bullying, which can cause severe negative effects on kids. But on the flip side, it can also offer a way for kids to communicate and express themselves in a healthy manner.

So, what’s the best approach? Parents should be talking to kids about the appropriate use of social media and the internet in general, what should and shouldn’t be posted, the effects words have on people, and the fact that things stick around forever once they are online.

Supporting Kids as They Choose Their Career Path

Here’s a challenge that parents of teens will face, and that is to be supportive and helpful while your child learns about themselves and figures out what career path they want to pursue. One tool that can help the process is the CAT4 test, which takes a look at child’s developed abilities right now, as well as their future potential. In order to do well on this test, it’s wise to take plenty of practice tests, so it helps to dispel any nerves they may have.

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Inclusion, Diversity, and Equality from an Early Age

This is also the era where inclusion, diversity, and equality have played a bigger role in conversations than ever before. Having these types of discussions with kids from an early age and stressing the need for each will help your child to be more-caring, open, accepting, and loving to all humankind.

While it’s true that this is a whole new age of parenting, and that parents in general have never been so involved in their kids’ lives, there is still plenty to learn and be taught by parents.