Summer is winding down, but that doesn’t mean the fun has to stop. If you’re looking for a fantastic and meaningful time with your girls, it’s time to throw a girl’s night in shindig. Not sure of where to begin? Take a look at the breakdown of how to create a killer girl’s night in from scratch.

Tasty Eats

If you cook it, they will come. One of the major staples of a phenomenal girl’s night in is the spread on the table. To keep it simple yet chic, stick to cool recipes like Caprese salad, cheese and prosciutto plate, with readymade desserts like cheesecake or brownies. Plating them on all white dishes ups the ante with a clean and sophisticated look. It gives the appearance of classy without you having to slave away in the kitchen.

Fun Drinks

No girl’s night in is complete without a few fun drinks. Keep sparkling water on deck as it’s great to have on hand for hydration, yet still packs a bit of pizazz. A dessert wine never hurt anyone either, after all, who doesn’t enjoy a little post-work therapy sesh a la a glass of white wine? Non-alcohol beverages like Shirley Temples or Raspberry lemonade are also a great addition that adds some fun to the mix.


To keep the fun going, it’s always nice to have a game or two waiting in the wings. You can choose a game that makes you dust off your verbal skills or something that requires a bit more of a hands on approach. Get in the team spirit by selecting games that require teams and a bit of knowledge about one another. Not only do you get a refresher course on your friends and past shenanigans throughout the years, you may even learn something new!

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Blast from the past jams

It’s no secret that music makes the world go round, which is why a girl’s night playlist is in order. A certain song can get you all up in your feelings or wanting to dance the night away. After all, who hasn’t sang a song with their hairbrush in the bathroom at one point? For your selection, keep it upbeat and fun, and don’t be afraid to mix it up with some 90s pop jams. It’s great to stay current, but a blast from the past can inspire a karaoke session for all to enjoy.

Changing it up while having some fun

There are so many amazing benefits of throwing a girl’s night in. When done well, you can spend some quality time in the company of your besties. Going out, it may feel difficult to connect and let your hair down in a public setting. That said, an in-home soiree can allow you and your friends to be yourselves and live a little. Let’s not forget, you can save big bucks and inches off of your waist by DIY food prep at home– a total win-win. So next time you’re thinking about going out with the girls, switch it up and stay in!