We are going big in this list of major upgrades to your garden. These ideas for your garden will work if you have enough space and want to completely level up your love for gardening.

Garden Pond

Water is tranquil and relaxing. One way to introduce water into a large garden is a garden pond. Make sure to include water plants in and around the pond. Rocks will also help frame and complete a pond. Fish is not necessarily a good idea for a pond. Predators like birds and cats could be a nuisance if you keep fish in the pond. Check with a local expert if it is advised before keeping fish in a pond.

Make sure your pond looks natural and not like a small swimming pool when finished. You want the pond to blend into the environment and accentuate your gardening. Check the edges of the pond and make sure the shape is irregular. Place rocks and plants along the edges to make it blend even more. The pond itself should be cast from concrete and it should be in a darker color. As the concrete ages, it will also blend better into the natural setting.

Water Feature

Similar to a pond, a water feature is also a great addition to a garden. With a water feature, you will also get the relaxing sound of running water. Where a pond needs more space and is usually out in the open you can fit a water feature in a smaller space or corner of your garden. You will need an electricity supply and pump for the water feature.

A water feature can be a simple and small fountain or a large waterfall. Water features can be made to look natural or be more formal like cast concrete fountains. If you are ambitious and have enough space you can even combine a large waterfall with a pond for a grand water feature.


A greenhouse is a great addition to any garden. If you are a serious gardener a greenhouse will make sure you can garden all year round. The combination of sunlight and raised temperatures will extend the growing season. You can plant flowers or vegetables in your greenhouse.

The greenhouse allows you to control the growing environment the whole year-round. There is a large selection of Halls greenhouses to choose from. Whether it is an overly wet or dry season, you can control what happens inside the greenhouse yourself.

The greenhouse will also protect the plants from insects or other vermin. You won’t need pesticides or other measures as the greenhouse is a perfect and isolated environment.

Garden Bench

This is a must-have in any beautiful garden. You not only want to garden, but also enjoy your garden. Sitting on a bench looking at your handiwork is a perfect reward after a day of gardening.

Go for a simple wooden bench or an elaborate cast-iron bench, just make sure it is comfortable enough for you to enjoy the view. A great place to put it is in a spot where you can watch the pond or water feature. 

Garden Path

Set out a meandering path through your garden. Use round stepping stones or other concrete paving products. Choose something that looks natural and fits with the overall look of your garden. Make sure you set out the path through all the areas of your garden you want visitors to see.  

When laying out the path make sure it goes past your pond and the garden bench for a rest. Make sure that the stepping stones aren’t too far apart. Not everyone is in a hurry and comfortable taking long strides.  

Garden Archway

Combined with the path we already mentioned an archway is a great choice. Let creepers or other plants grow over the arch to make it enticing to step through.

 An arch is a perfect way to either connect two separate parts of your garden or to put them at the start of the path through your garden. It will make a clear break from the rest of your property and tell visitors that they are now entering a beautiful garden.

Using specific features like the ideas mentioned above will make sure your garden is unique and inspires people when you walk through. The most important thing about making any of the major upgrades above is to inspire your designs. The upgrades should encourage you to spend more time doing what you love, after all, gardening is good for our minds.