It’s well-known that millennials aren’t as financially driven when it comes to their careers as previous generations. With mental health becoming a major priority for young people, millennials are looking for careers where they have job satisfaction and can do meaningful work rather than simply chasing a paycheck at the end of each month.

Despite living in a world full of economic uncertainty, there are specific job sectors that are experiencing growth. One of these is the aged care sector. With people living longer lives and many of them choosing not to have children, there is a greater demand for the facilities provided by senior care homes. Moreover, these facilities require trained staff to take care of their residents and ensure that operations run smoothly.

If you are a millennial considering a career change or are about to enter the world of work, here are five reasons why a job in the aged care sector may be perfect for you:

Connect With People in a Meaningful Way

Working as a carer in the aged care sector offers many opportunities for you to play a meaningful role in people’s lives when they are at their most vulnerable. Although many will try to care for ageing family members themselves, there often comes a point when it is no longer viable. Having to decide to have a loved one cared for in a senior care home is a tough decision. It is one where you are putting your trust into the hands of strangers. Carers have the potential to make a huge difference, not just for the residents they take care of daily, but also for their families.

Diverse Opportunities

There will be plenty of opportunities to find your very own niche and specialize by entering the aged care sector. You won’t necessarily be restricted to working at a senior care home either. You’ll find plenty of opportunities in-home care, respite care, and community care. From working in a busy clinic or hospital, residential establishment, or with an older person in their home, the work is bound to be rewarding regardless of the setting you choose. 

Your Skills Will Be Highly-Sought After

Despite the fact that we prioritize finding rewarding work over something that merely pays the bills, stability is essential. As aged care is a growing industry, those who have the training and qualifications to work with the elderly are likely to have long-term job security. It is estimated that by the year 2050, the population of the USA aged 65 and over will be 83.7 million, which is almost twice what it was back in 2012. Even though you may wish to retire by then, the fact remains that your skills and experience in the sector are likely to be highly sought-after in the future.

If you are a people person that is looking for a career path that will provide you with stability, a diverse range of exciting job opportunities and work that is both stimulating and highly rewarding, ask yourself what does it take to become a certified caregiver? Start investigating what you’ll need to do to obtain the right qualifications and look forward to a meaningful career in the aged care sector.