When you were small, your parents’ bedroom was your safe place. You’d crawl into your parents’ bed and any worries you had would disappear. But once you grew up and became an adult, your bedroom became your safe place.

However, being an adult isn’t always easy. In fact, sometimes it seems almost impossible. If you’re not sure how to transform your bedroom into a safe, tranquil oasis, read on to learn what you need to be doing now.

Deep Clean

The life of a millennial isn’t only about Sunday brunches and shopping. Life can be difficult, especially not being able to curl up in your parents’ bed. The next best thing is creating a safe haven for yourself when need a break. The first step towards creating serenity is by cleaning. Set aside a time where you get deep clean your room. The more effort you put into creating a sanctuary, the more connected you will feel to it.

Minimize the Mess

When you look around your room, what do you see? If you have unnecessary duplicates of anything, you probably need to downsize. Sort through all of your belongings and decide whether you really need them or have an emotional tie to them. If not, donate to a charity where you can help out someone less fortunate. If you are emotionally connected, see if you’re able to store your keepsakes somewhere else to free up space in your room.

Be Clutter-Free

De-cluttering may sound the same as minimizing, but it’s a bit different. You might only have the necessities, but if they’re not put away, your room may still look messy. Nothing adds to an already stressful day than a room full of clutter. Invest in proper storage and bookcases to keep everything nice and neat.

Dressers and baskets can be used to store most things, and bookshelves are a good way to display anything you want to show off or see regularly. You can also hang any pictures you have tucked away up on the walls.

Show Your Bed Some Love

Your bed needs to be a place of refuge—soft, warm, and comforting when things get a little out of control. Even if you’re pinching pennies, you can still find quality bedding. Super-soft sheets and cozy comforters right just about any wrong. Also, don’t forget to invest in a quality mattress that helps you to sleep. There are always mattress sales happening, especially around this time of year, so finding one you can afford should be easy.

Set the Mood

No hidden oasis would be complete without the right type of lighting and scent. Swap out harsh overhead lighting for softer bulbs that set the mood. Adding diffusers also help make your bedroom worth going home for. Choose a scent that makes you feel relaxed and peaceful.