Most of us want to see more of the world, but we’re generally restricted by work and money. So if you could travel while earning, surely that would be the ideal scenario? If you’re early on in your life (maybe you’re still at school or university) and thinking of ways you could take your career in future that allows you to travel, or perhaps you’re looking to change careers- here are some great options that would allow you to travel.


When you’re qualified in some kind of medical career, there’s often a lot of scope to travel as many places in the world desperately need trained medical employees. Even countries like the UK, Australia and America which are notoriously hard to gain work visas for will allow you to live and work there if you have good medical training and experience. If you do plan on moving, speak to immigration lawyers so you know your rights and find out exactly what the process is so you can go about it all properly. Medical careers could involve doctors and nurses, dentists, eye specialists and those medically trained in animals such as vets. It’s a rewarding career which is in high demand so will allow you to travel and work. 


If you’re qualified to teach, there are many places across the world where you can put your skills to good use and countries that are crying out for what you’re able to offer. If you’re a qualified and experienced teacher you’re likely to be able to find work in most countries. If you’re still training or even have no formal qualifications you might still be able to teach in poor places in the world on a voluntary basis. Third world countries need people who can teach children basic numeracy and literary skills– not only is this rewarding work but it looks good on your CV if you then want to go on and gain formal teaching experience. 

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Freelancing/ business owners

If you freelance or run your own business then in many cases, you can do this from anywhere in the world. This allows you to travel and still earn the money to get by, all you’ll need in most cases is a laptop and internet connection. You could spend your morning getting through your work, and then the rest of the day exploring and traveling and making the most of your surroundings. You can travel from place to place and have plenty of flexibility as you’re able to keep earning more money while you’re away. It’s a nice luxury to have, and definitely worth considering taking advantage of if you have a flexible job like this.