Renovate Your Recording Studio To Impress Your Customers

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Impressing your customers is very important when you have a business. This way, you’ll not only guarantee their comfort but you can also ensure that they will have the best experience, so they will come back to you. But for a recording studio, what can be done?

Upgrading a studio isn’t the same as how you’d improve retail shops, restaurants, and other businesses. But, it’s easy if you consider these tips:

Upgrade Your Walls

Your environment when recording is very important as it could affect the quality of the recorded sound. For that reason, it’s important that you make sure that no unwanted sound will echo or be heard during the recording. 

One of the first places you need to check is your walls. Aside from having thick walls, you also might want to consider installing soundproof wallpapers on your walls. This way, you’re able to block external sounds and get rid of unwanted echoes that could negatively affect the recordings in your studio. 

And these days, there are several wallpaper designs you can choose from that can transform your studio’s aesthetics and acoustics.

Equipment Improvements

Your recording studio gear, such as AD/DA converters, monitors, and microphones, is vital to your sound. Thus, it’s a must that you get the best equipment as they can make or break your sound.

That said, whenever you can spare some money, consider upgrading your studio equipment. For every upgrade, you get a step closer to getting the sound you want in your studio. It may not come cheap but with upgraded gear, you can get a huge difference in your sound, which makes every penny spent worth it.

Gear Maintenance

Of course, even if you’ve already bought the highest quality equipment, you will still need to maintain them. First, of course, it’s because recording studio equipment doesn’t come cheap. You want to ensure that they’re in their best shape so they will last longer and you won’t need frequent replacements, which is expensive. 

Maintaining your gear also plays a huge part in their performance. If you do your best to keep your devices in good shape, you can also guarantee that they are able to perform their best when they’re in use. 

That said, make it a point to clean your equipment frequently and have them checked right away to prevent issues from getting worse.

Room Decor

Your surroundings play a huge role in your performance. And if your studio looks nice, comfortable, yet is still professional, it can positively affect the musicians and other staff’s performance. It will encourage better performances and musicianship. 

Therefore, you should also pay attention to your studio’s look. Make sure it looks nice by adding decorations, such as art pieces related to music that will encourage your customers more.

You can also add decorations that will help improve the soundproofing and sound absorption of your studio. It could be a strategically placed sofa, glassless picture frames, or even a stocked bookshelf to help with the acoustics of your studio.

Furniture and Equipment Placement

Believe it or not, but the placements of your furniture and your equipment can affect the quality of your sound too. Therefore, make sure to be mindful of where you place them around your studio.

Your monitor stands, for instance, need to be placed at the correct height. So, measure them well so you are at the third point in an equilateral triangle. Ensure that the monitors’ distance from each other is equal to. 

With well-placed pieces of furniture and recording equipment, you can improve your sound and your room’s acoustics.

Acoustic Ceilings and Floors

This may sound a bit extra but you should pay attention to your ceiling and floor too. Many people often overlook their ceilings and floors not knowing that it can also affect the sound in their studio. Thus, if you were to upgrade your studio, don’t forget your ceiling and floor too.

For your floor, you can simply install a carpet as it can absorb sound waves too. But, don’t overdo it to prevent over-absorbing sound. Instead, have a medium-sized rug under your listening position.

As for the ceiling, you can go for a ceiling cloud for aesthetics too. You can also have your entire ceiling covered with panels that can absorb bass sounds. 

Making impressions is important so your customers will have a better experience and come back time to your studio. That said, make sure to upgrade your studio from time to time.

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Written by JR Dominguez

JR Dominguez is the technology, finance and music editor for MiLLENNiAL. When he's not writing, you can find him day-trading stocks, playing video games, or composing commercial scores.

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