Hiring? 4 Qualities You Should Look For In A Phenomenal Leader

A good leader is hard to find these days. One of the reasons is because many people do not have the opportunity or leadership training they may need. Going into a leadership role is extremely overwhelming, and it’s important to equip yourself or others with the necessary training and skills they will need for their roles. Consequently, when you happen to find a phenomenal leader to add to your company, then you know you have truly struck gold. When looking to hire someone for a leadership position, it is important to know what qualities matter. Here are some tips to help guide your efforts in your search for the right person to assume a leadership role in your company.

The Power Factor

The person leading people in your company should be mature enough to not allow power to go to their head. Many so-called leaders think that having power means that leading is a process where they just boss other people around. Such individuals will typically not use their power wisely and create more office drama and personal problems with other employees than they will solve. You want to find a leader who will not abuse their power or position, but has the skills to still maintain their team’s full respect within your company. If ever in doubt, just remember to hire the leader you are interested in on a trial basis. This will give you time to truly assess their abilities before bringing them on long-term.

A Good Leader Listens Well

When it comes to leading others in your company, you want to find a person who listens well. Leaders who have the patience to listen to what their team is bringing to their attention will have a basis for addressing any problems their team faces. Those who do not listen well become a stumbling block to their team’s success. Members of their team may have great ideas, but if the team leader is not willing to listen this will become a situation where the leader is wasting the talents of those he is trying to lead.

A Leader Sets The Pace

The person you want leading your company should be able to show a mastery of the task needing to be accomplished and then lead by example. Someone who asks of their team only what they are willing to roll up their sleeves and do themselves is someone who will not just be seen as a good leader, but will also be viewed as a person deserving of genuine respect in your company. This type of leader will have the proficiency level to bring other team members up to speed by showing them how to fit the mold and get the job done the right way. You also want someone who wants to help their team succeed and is comfortable with team building training.

A Leader Strives To Improve Their Own Leadership Skills

Just because you hire someone who is a leader, this does not mean their leadership skills cannot use significant improvement. Not all leaders are born to take charge, and some must work hard at being a competent leader. Even good leaders can benefit greatly from following strategic leadership training that helps them to obtain new skills that identifies them as a competent strategic leader. Such skills will make it possible for the person you hire to be a strategic leader in your company who is capable of delivering on shorter term expectations, recognizing opportunities that impact long term company goals and are proficient at formulating and executing strategic plans that exhibit the virtues of genuine innovation.

When hiring a leader, there are a lot of factors to consider when choosing the right person for the job. Not only must a leader be able to competently provide direction to those they are leading, but they must also grasp the value of improving their own skills as a leader to remain relevant in their field of employment. When you can find a person with the right maturity and experience to lead others in your company to exhibit massive success, this can significantly and positively change how well your company performs for years to come. It will also have the potential to make your company far more profitable over the long term.

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Written by Emma Sturgis

Emma writes most often on education and business. To see more from Emma, say hi on Twitter.

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