Whenever people think of Wisconsin they usually think of immense farm lands, cheese and beer. It is “America’s Diary land” after all. But this state has more to offer than meets the eye, and you are in for a surprise. Who know? Is the question we kept asking ourselves as Millennial got to explore the state’s capital, Madison, and all the up and coming city has to offer.

Keep reading to find out why we discovered Madison is the perfect place to live, work and play!

Live, Work and Play in Madison

By mixing a big city environment with its local charm, Madison has the best of both worlds. While many people concentrate on the fact that you can have all the best cheese you could ever want in your life, its surrounding nature, its fitness community, and its business opportunities can sometimes go unnoticed for many outsiders looking in.

The city gives locals the opportunity to experience a metropolitan city, but it has never been easier to escape the chaos than it is here. Four lakes surround the city; Lake Mendota, Lake Monona, Lake Waubesa and Lake Kegonsa. From the lakes that already surround downtown, to Devil’s Lake, one of the State’s largest National Parks, it is quite easy to find yourself in a nature haven in less than 30 minutes from the city. A lake surrounded by trees, nature and many trails that will surely give you enough space to get all the fresh air you might need.

The city is also known for its fitness endeavors. This year CrossFit chose Madison as the host of the CrossFit games for the same reason. This fitness city in the US proved to us that not even a winter storm can stop Wisconsinites from riding their bikes to work or just for fun.

Being a college town as well, it was named one of the best cities for young adults by Forbes. With its myriad of restaurants, bars and entertainment activities, the cities livability is great for millennials, and we could see why! With summer concerts in the park, block parties, a city-wide Farmer’s Market, and tons of bustling energy in the downtown hub, it’s no wonder Madison is on the up and up for college kids, working adults, and families.

We believe that in order to have the perfect balance in life, its ok to have some big city chaos present in life, as long as you can also live comfortably, spend time in nature, make good money, have fun and most importantly be happy. And guess what? Madison was also voted as one of the 10 happiest cities in the world according to National Geographic. Are you moving to Madison yet?

Think. Make. Happen.

Madison has also grown significantly in the last couple of years, opening the doors for international business and startup companies that are originating here. New venues, offices and startup spaces are making it possible for young millennials to get a good job, or even start their own company.

By providing the generation of the future with the tools to make their dreams come true, the whole energy and motive of the city is to think of an idea, but to most importantly, the support to make it happen. And the city is doing a fine job at opening those doors of opportunity and motivation for young entrepreneurs.

But why are businesses thriving so much here you may ask?

This is becoming possible by its:

Advanced Manufacturing: The Madison region is easily located to major interstates, rail, air and ports making the region an open door for companies that come to do business or for their employees navigating the area.
Agriculture and Food: Its agriculture and food production is one of the main highlights of Wisconsin. This region is the epicenter of the agriculture sector.
Healthcare: One of the most exciting parts is the fact that access to health care has become exceptional in the region in comparison to that of the whole US which continues to struggle in certain parts. The health care systems are easily accessible here.
Life Sciences and Technology: By moving forward with start up businesses that are promoting technology, as well as students from the university doing research and expanding the region’s international status, the city has become a haven for that of business and technology. Many local entrepreneurs are mobilizing the university research that is being done, and many products have been created like StrataGraft which is a human cell based skin tissue to treat burn wounds or Exact Sciences’ cancer detecting Cologuard.
Low Cost of Living: Living here sounds like a pretty decent dream already, and to end with good news, it’s important to mention that all of this is offered at a lower cost of living than many other big metropolitan cities. Madison is earning its name for being a big city for half other price. Many millennials are choosing to extend their money in a city like Madison than in other bigger cities like NY or LA that have a higher cost of living.

Big & Family Run Businesses

We experienced a lot of the city, but two unique businesses caught our attention: EPIC Healthcare Systems, and Wollersheim Winery.

You may not have heard of EPIC but your doctor most likely uses their software everyday! This healthcare tech company has serviced more than 305 million patients. With five different departments all designed with a unique theme, from fantasy to safari, this campus that feels more like Disneyland than a tech campus. The company culture prides itself on employee retention due to extraordinary office environments and employee benefits. If you’re looking for a nontraditional, traditional employer, look no further than EPIC Systems for opportunities to relocate to Madison.

And no MidWestern city would be without it’s generational family business. Wine may not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of Wisconsin, but the history of this land is rich in not just soil. Wollersheim Family Vineyard in Prairie Du Sac is just a short car ride away from downtown and has been a producing local wines since the 1840s.

Before the Wollersheims bought the property, the Hungarian nobleman, Agoston Haraszthy, had discovered and developed the area for grape production. He eventually followed the Gold Rush to California where he was responsible for turning the Napa Valley into the great wine producer it is today.

The land was then bought by the German Kehl family and passed down the farm until 1972 when the Wollersheim Family had the opportunity to buy the land. They have been producing wine ever since.

The millennial generation is known for wanting experiences, excitement and a decent amount of chaos to change things up a bit. The livability that Madison can offer to the millennial mind is extraordinary and quite unique for any other city in the US. As we said in the beginning, who knew all of this could be offered in Wisconsin. Well now you know there is definitely more than meets the eye, and how open the door for opportunity is for anybody that wants to make their dreams come true.