5 Common Traits of a Good Traffic Lawyer

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Most of us have probably committed some traffic offense at some point. While minor issues like running a red light, going over the speed limit, not wearing a seatbelt, or violating other road or parking rules would set you back financially and may earn you demerit points, there are traffic offenses that have more serious consequences.

Major grievances like driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, speed violation, reckless driving, driving without a license, etc., can land you in front of the magistrate at the court, where you end up with a conviction. The worst scenario is when you are involved in a road accident.

These are instances where you need a good traffic lawyer to help you get out of the mess with as less damage as possible. But how to you know whether a traffic lawyer is worth relying or not? Here are some tell-tale signs.

1. Expertise

A good traffic lawyer should not only hold appropriate credentials to offer services. The person should also be adequately knowledgeable about the laws and the technicalities involved besides having considerable experience in the domain. When you seek legal advice from a traffic lawyer, you are practically entrusting your life, livelihood, and license to the person with the hope that the issue will be resolved smoothly.

2. Communication

In the legal profession, communication is the tool of the trade. And, communication is a two-way skill – the ability to listen and comprehend, and express and establish your arguments. A good traffic lawyer should possess both these skills to effectively communicate with the clients, police, prosecutors, magistrate, and any party involved. Without this key trait, a traffic lawyer will neither understand the client’s side of the story, the case registered, nor effectively negotiate with the police and prosecutors to resolve the case.

3. Compassion

In the profession to help clients with essential legal aid, a good traffic lawyer must be compassionate to understand the plight of the person seeking help. If a traffic lawyer is indifferent to your situation, it is likely that you will not be able to explain the circumstances fully, resulting in your not receiving accurate advice.

4. Attention to detail

Law is a tough profession with numerous technicalities and variations involved. In Australia, as you move from state to state, traffic rules too change extensively. A good traffic lawyer should have attention to minute details to find out probable ways to lessen charges or alternatives to prove you not guilty.

5. Organization skills

Representing a client in court, arguing on their behalf to plead innocence or guilt, extricating them from legal tangles requires perseverance and background organization. A good traffic lawyer should have the ability to arrange irrefutable witnesses while directing you to get solid references, and multi-tasking to negotiate with the police to drop charges, and so on.

These are the most common of traits that make a good traffic lawyer. In the unforeseen situation where you may need expert legal aid for traffic offenses, you can contact experts like Astor Legal for a free consultation call.

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Written by Emma Joyce

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