Managers bear some severe responsibilities in an organization. They’re in charge of organizing the production of work and the workforce that’s needed to get the job done. This means that managers spend a lot of time with employees and ensure that they have all the resources in place to do their jobs. 

Some managers can leave a lifelong impact on their employees and deserve to be shown some gratitude. Good managers will inspire employees to be good leaders, listen to their problems, and give feedback so that they can grow

If you feel that you haven’t been showing your boss enough love, perhaps it’s time to sit back and think about how your manager has contributed to your character development. Even if things aren’t always good between both of you, I’m sure there are a lot of good times that deserve some acknowledgment.

In this article, we’ll take a look at some ways you can give back to your manager, without trying to look like you’re sucking up to them.

Personalized Gifts

When you’re big on gifting, you just can’t say no to personalized gifts. The great thing about gifting is that there’re plenty of occasions to choose from, such as birthdays and Christmas, in case you’re a bit shy to hand a gift to your manager out of the blue.

The “personal” personalized shouldn’t just be limited to having their name stamped on a coffee mug. If you want to show your manager you appreciate them, get them something that will make their day, or help solve a problem. 

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For example, if they’re vintage car freaks, get them a customized diecast replica of their favorite car with their name and favorite colors on it!

Thank You Notes

If your manager has been a big part of your project’s success, you can always write them a thank-you note. You don’t have to do this frequently because it can lose it’s significance that way. 

You don’t need fancy pens or colored paper. You just have to be specific, and the note has to be heartfelt. Say something like, “Thank you for inspiring us to do better when we hit a wall. The deadline was almost impossible to meet, but you made us believe that we can- and we did!”.

Being a manager is hard work. However, seeing and holding this note will make them feel like they’re a valued part of the workplace.

Offer To Help Out

If your manager is swamped with work, lend them your hand even if it’s not within your job scope. You can also volunteer to cover part of an absent worker’s responsibilities. The worst that could happen is your manager telling you that they don’t need any help, but you offered to help when no one else did will still impress them.

Even if they do accept your offer, you’ll just be sacrificing a bit of your time. But this will have a long-lasting positive impact on your relationship with your manager. Not only will your manager feel appreciated, but you will also be able to receive their trust.