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Millennials represent more than 25% of the U.S. nation’s population, and sociologists have been trying to understand more about this generation for more than a decade. While a lot of studies have been conducted on this generation, it might be high time to acclimate to the next demographic cohort — the younger and even larger Generation Z who is on Millennials’ heels these days.

Historically, older generations have looked upon the younger people with a certain amount of skepticism and nervousness. While these two generations are slightly different, there are some stereotypes about Gen Zers that should be taken into account. Although members of Generation Z are just starting to set foot in their adult lives, there are some reasons to pay attention to their views and keep up with Gen Z.

So, what can millennials learn from the youngest generation?

1. Keep up with Gen Z to Adapt to New Technologies Faster

With the technological change ramping up, now it’s significant to adapt to new updates, apps, and features faster.

Yes, millennials are tech-savvy, but members of Generation Z are digital natives who can multi-task across 5 screens. Gen Zers keep their eyes on the ball in order not to miss the digital news, and they often spread the information to share their views and thoughts.

2. Stay More Competitive in the Workplace

Who else wants to achieve career success?

While most people want to climb the career ladder, it’s getting harder and harder as adults need to work in a competitive workplace.

The opportunities have just been fading away, and it takes a lot of effort and time to get a job to satisfy your needs. However, the youth lays a bet on prospective careers, and there are some degree programs favored by Gen Z. Gen Z chooses in-demand careers, but they also keep on developing soft skills. It’s believed that Generation Z are more creative and innovative, and they can stay competitive in a business environment.

If you want to achieve career goals, try to keep up with Gen Z: boost creativity, learn new things daily, and keep on growing.

3. Think About Setting Up a Business

As Millennials are concerned with their financial future, 11% of them set foot in entrepreneurship. In 2014, Millennials launched almost 160,000 startups and made up nearly one-third of all entrepreneurs in the U.S. However, many Millennials are still afraid of failures, so they choose to work for someone.

On the other hand, Gen Z seems to be more ambitious. In comparison with Millennials, 17% Gen Zers want to start a business. Seeing their parents and older siblings struggle in the workforce, representatives of the gen Z have a strong entrepreneurial desire.

Did you know that MTV had labeled gen Zers “The Founders”?

The main thing about Generation Z is that they believe in their possibilities, and it’s what Millennials should learn to overcome self-doubt.

4. Put Much Effort into Self-growth

It’s harsh but true: Millennials are believed to be lazy and unmotivated.

David Tipton wrote about young adults and their narcissism in his book Personal and Professional Growth: “A recent study showed that 40% believe they should be promoted every two years, regardless of performance.”

Give your employer a reason to promote you for your achievements, and being interested in self-growth is a key to success.

Having a sharp focus on their future, gen Zers put much effort into their development, and they believe that most things can be self-taught. Thus, they spend a considerable amount of time trying to hone their skills.

5. Understand that It’s You Who is in Charge of Your Destiny

Generation Z will be more realistic than optimistic thanks to their skeptical parents. 77% of gen Z expect to work harder, and it’s a sign that they realize: they are in charge of their destiny.

Moreover, growth opportunities is one of the top job search priorities which means they are ready for development. Although they rely on their parents’ support, more and more young people expect to put much effort into their success, and it’s another reason to keep up with Gen Z.

6. Start Spending Quality Time Online

Just imagine: an average Millennial spends almost 8 hours surfing the Internet.

When it comes to Generation Z, they spend even more time online (up to 10 hours a day), but they know how to use it the right way. While Millennials surf the Internet to connect with peers, Gen Zers try to make the most out of their online presence and use social media for establishing business contacts or seeking out solutions.

At the same time, members of Generation Z prefer to socialise offline. Thus, they keep a balance that can help them achieve success.

7. Draw Inspiration and Motivate Yourself

Generation Z seem to be more mature than Millennials, and they are not afraid of giving new opportunities a try. They also want to make a difference in the world as 60% want their jobs to impact the world, and 26% of young people are volunteers.

Taking a look at this generation, Millennials can draw inspiration to take a step toward achieving bigger goals.

Wrapping it Up

Although Generation Z is still developing, it’s important to bestow attention on their unique generational traits to get ready for workforce diversity. Millennials should keep up with gen Z to be ready for the onset of the new generation.

What do you think?

Written by Hugh Beaulac

Hugh is a digital geek who loves spending much time reading about technologies and science. He also runs a blog and contributes to various websites.

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