Vending Machine of the Week: Farmer’s Fridge

From the farm to the city of Chicago, Farmer's Fridge is a new take on vending machines.

Farmer’s Fridge

Fast food that is nutritious! A Millennial’s dream come true.

A Chicago- based, SPE certified business, Farmer’s Fridge is determined to change eating habits by turning vending machines into veggie machines. After all, who says junk food has the monopoly on “fast food”?

Farmer’s Fridge salads are like vitamins that you eat with a fork from a jar. Nutritionists for the company research which ingredients promote the best health benefits, then mix and match textures and tastes until they find the salad sweet spot. Best of all, they do it while keeping everything affordable and reasonably low in calories. And because their salads come raw, and unprocessed, they maintain all the fiber and nutrients that other foods lose through processing.

To learn more about Farmer’s Fridge salads and vending machines visit their website.


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