Tree work can be extremely complex and so it is very important if you have a lot of trees, that you seriously consider whether you have the skills to do the job. Arborists are trained specialists who understand the needs of different trees and have the training and equipment to look after them properly. Hiring a professional arborist is a fantastic investment that can ensure the trees in your home, public space or other location are attractive and will live a long life.

Here are some major reasons why you should consider hiring a professional arborist.

1. To Take Care of Your Trees

The first reason why you should hire a professional arborist is to take proper care of your trees. The folks at A&J Tree Service explain that keeping your trees healthy is very important because young saplings especially can easily die if they don’t receive the right care and attention. A professional arborist will know exactly what each species of your tree needs. This will include giving your trees the right fertilizer, pruning them correctly, and also checking the trees for diseases. These are all critical aspects of effective tree care which are very difficult to do properly if you don’t have the requisite skills and knowledge.

2. To Work on Your Trees Safely

For obvious reasons, working up a tree can be very dangerous and should never be attempted without the proper training and safety equipment. Most people do not have these things and so the best bet is to call in a professional arborist. Quite often, arborists are hired to take off the topmost branches of a tree which are blocking windows or dropping twigs and leaves into the gutters. They will have the correct harness and expertise to be able to work at those heights safely and get the job done. Likewise, if a tree needs moving from one place to another, a professional arborist can ensure that it is removed safely and moved to its new location without the tree or any person getting hurt.

3. To Protect the Value of Your Property

Trees can add some serious value to your property and another reason to hire a professional arborist is that they will be able to help protect this value. Professional landscaping is costly, but once you have had all of those expensive trees and shrubs planted, that investment could be gone in a heartbeat if you don’t know how to prune, water, and fertilize your greenery. Hiring an arborist to come regularly, particularly when you have just put your needs trees and shrubs in, is the best way to ensure that they will establish properly and grow. This will guarantee that you don’t need to replace them all at further cost because they have all died due to incorrect care.

4. To Repair Storm Damage

Storms can cause a huge amount of damage to your trees but this can sometimes be difficult to spot for the untrained eye. Strong winds, cold weather, and snow can all cause issues with your trees which will need addressing in order to prevent more serious problems from developing. A professional arborist will be able to inspect for decay in the limbs and branches of your trees and fit the trees with the correct braces and cables to withstand high winds. They will also remove any dead limbs which could potentially break off and damage your home during a severe storm.

5. To Remove Trees Efficiently and Safely

There are various reasons why you may need to remove one or more trees from your property. A tree may be blocking other plants which need sunlight or similarly might be obstructing a window in your house. A tree may be dead or dying or may be at risk of causing some damage to your property. Removing a tree safely and efficiently is not an easy job and a huge amount of preventable damage can be done if you attempt it without knowing what you are doing. It is far better to leave it to the professionals and call in an arborist who will have the skills and experience to do it properly without causing any harm to your property or to other trees and plants.

Arborists’ jobs cover a wide range of responsibilities and tasks. They do public tree work such as clearing branches from power lines, and private work where they take care of the trees in people’s gardens. If you need some tree work doing, it is always worth hiring a professional arborist as they will be able to do the job more quickly and effectively.