There is no better place to celebrate winter than Canada. Canadians seem to embrace the season with much gusto – and for a good reason! Spending winter holidays in Canada is a smart move. With its range of national parks that offer facilities for skiing, snowboarding, ice-skating, and dog sledding, Canada makes a winter holiday unforgettable.

Here are 8 things you should do when on a winter holiday in maple country.

1. Admire Lights and Decorations

Around Christmas time, Canadian cities transform into amazing displays where everything is decorated, and both individual people and companies go all out to create unforgettable spectacles of lights. If you find yourself in Montréal, be sure to have a walk through Nathan Phillips Square, Yorkville or the Distillery District. These places will take your breath away.

2. Attend the Winter Carnival in Québec

During the last six decades, Québec has become a must-see spot during winter thanks to its world-famous Winter Carnival. The event runs in February. You get to enjoy activities like skating, ice sliding, snow rafting and snow tubing. The evening parades and outdoor barbecues make the time even more special. Don’t forget to admire snow sculptures at the competition or the dance parties organized around the city that cater to every taste and age. And don’t miss out on the Bonhomme Carnaval, Québec’s beloved snowman.

3. Ski in Montreal

There are plenty of places where you can ski in Canada, but if you find yourself on a city holiday in Montréal, you can do that as well. Now, you might not be able to do serious sports training at the Mont-Royal, but you’ll have lots of fun. And there’s nothing better than a cup of hot chocolate after skiing. That’s a perfect place to visit if you and your family want to enjoy the snow and make the most of the winter in Canada. Once you’re on the mountain, be sure to stop for a second and take in the beautiful city skyline.

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4. Saskatchewan mushing

Nothing makes for a more genuine Canadian experience than an incredible journey through the country by dog sled. You can find that type of a ride from late November to mid-March. You get to admire the beautiful surroundings of the Anglin Lake, all the while enjoying a ride with a group of amazing dogs. Companies usually offer more activities that include half or full day excursions, overnight camping, or puppy camps.

5. Ice skate all you want

During wintertime in Canada, you can be sure to get plenty of places to hit the ice. One of the most impressive places is Nathan Phillips Square, right next to Toronto’s City Hall. The square offers a fantastic venue for concerts or the regular farmers market, but once winter rolls around, the water fountain in the center of the plaza is transformed into an outdoor ice rink. The entry is free and open to the public until March, from 9 AM until 10 PM. You can rent out or sharpen your ice skates there as well.

6. Visit the Sugar Moon Farm in Nova Scotia

If you suffer from a serious sweet tooth, be sure to visit that spot. The Canadian maple gets its best treatment at the Sugar Moon Farm in Nova Scotia which houses all kinds of attractions in store for you. You can learn everything about the art of making maple syrup and taste various kinds of it as well. Located only 90 minutes away from Halifax, this is a particular spot. You can take sugar camp tours, follow special hiking trails or enjoy maple tasting and all-day brunches. If you’re a foodie, don’t miss out on the Sugar Moon’s Chef Nights.

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7. Go ice fishing in the city

That’s right; you can go ice fishing in Montréal! You may have seen that only in documentaries, but now you’ll get to try it yourself. Be sure to check out Old Montreal’s Ice Fishing Village, and you’ll be on your way to getting the experience. First, you get into a heated boat that takes you to the best spots on fishing waters. You’ll be guided by professionals throughout the experience. And don’t’ worry – if you get cold, you can warm up in specially heated tents.

8. Don’t miss out on Igloofest

Igloofest is a real treat for all those who love electronic music. Experience the coldest weather imaginable, take your ski jackets and hit the dance floor. You can be sure that the festival will have a fantastic lineup as it does every year. Enjoy the biggest names in the niche, all the while clubbing in a -40-degree weather.

The above is just the tip of the iceberg. Canada gets cold in winter, but it’s a winter paradise – you’ll find yourself surrounded by attractions that are bound to make your stay unforgettable.