What Does $1,500 Rent You Around the World?

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You can’t have it all, they say. As millennials, we get this a lot, so we are always pressured to settle for “meh.” Especially when it comes to renting, this feels painfully true. It seems almost impossible to find a favorably located, spacious apartment, with a rent price that won’t leave you with empty pockets. With some open-mindedness and flexibility, though, it turns out renters could have their dream fulfilled.

Rental listing website RENTCafé took the challenge to the next level and examined how much $1,500 can rent you in the 30 most magnetic cities in the world. The results are eye-opening. An apartment in Seoul offers five times more living space than a Manhattan studio for the same amount of money. The per-square-foot price is three times higher in San Francisco than in Madrid, while Istanbul boasts to be the most affordable among the other financial hubs. For those particularly fond of the American dream, Chicago proves to be the least expensive option among the 6 US cities included in the list.

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Written by Estera Racatean

Estera Racatean is a creative writer for RENTCafé, continuously exploring the intriguing world of real estate. An ever-growing, enthusiastic millennial, fond of words and unapologetically passionate about all the little things in life.

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