Samantha Clarke: From MMA Boxer to Enlightened Influencer

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Samantha Clarke is an Australian actress, presenter and fitness personality who has dedicated her life to teaching others the importance of self love, love for others and love for the earth we walk on. Having come from troubled beginnings and having lead a ‘wonderfully colorful life’, the challenges she faced growing up has shown her that living a life of mediocrity is not an option. She has made a pact with the universe that as long as she is in it, she will be of service to it.

Now she lives, breathes and teaches the art of compassion, and encourages her students to speak their highest truth and follow their hearts instead their heads. Samantha believes everyone deserves love, laughter and the gift of spiritual growth. Her life is a testament to this mission. She spreads this message through her work as a professional athlete, yoga teacher, fight coach and her ethically focused adventure company “A Slice of the Pie”, which was designed to explore, appreciate and promote business’s around the world that are doing their bit to give back.

MiLLENNiAL caught up with Samantha in Bali on her 30th birthday, where we learned how she went from MMA boxing champion to spiritual life coach.

You wear a lot of hats, one being an MMA boxer! How did you get into that?

I got into boxing when I was relatively young, around 13. I was a bit of a reckless kid and I think it was a way for me to channel my rage, anger, frustration or just excess energy in a positive way. I also think subconsciously it was a way to feel strong, empowered and know that if push came to shove I would be able to look after myself and move through this world without fear. I’m also naturally pretty quick so being good at it helped me to keep going.

Part of your multi-faceted talents is also that you are a yogi. When did you make the transition from the loud world of MMA to the quiet meditation of yoga?

To be honest I wouldn’t say it was a transition, more of a blend. I still adore both of them and physically and energetically they allow me to tap into two polarities of my personality, to me their both beautiful and powerful forms of healthy expression.

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You just turned 30! WooHoo! What were some of the biggest lessons of your 20s and what is something you want to accomplish this year?

Oh my gosh…. My 20’s started and ended at two very different ends of the spectrum. At 20 I was relying on alcohol to numb my pain, thinking benders and big nights were ‘fun’ and giving very little love to my body, spirit or self…. As the years have gone on I think I’ve realized the biggest lesson of all…which is our one duty, our one mission- regardless of it’s form, is to find a way to fall so deeply in love with your self, your life situation (even if you wish to change it) and the world, that your love ends up overflowing onto others. Some would say it’s selfish to prioritize yourself, but never do I understand more the saying “you can’t pour from an empty cup.”

In my 30’s, honestly for the year ahead I want to travel as much as I can (as fate would have it, I actually just started a travel/adventure on my 30th birthday) and I want to laugh as often as possible.. now they may seem generic, but I spent my whole 20’s traveling inwards and working on self reflection, clearing demons and growing my awareness that I think traveling the external world will help me implement those changes long term. Also, laughter , I think reminds us to see the joy in the little things. Another lesson I learnt in my 20’s, is that one day we will look back on the little things and remember they were in-fact, the big things.

As an influencer, you’ve often been referred to as a role model for women. Why do you believe that is? What is it about your life that you think people find inspiring?

That’s an excellent question and to be honest, a part of me has no idea, I never aimed to be inspiring I just aimed to be comfortable with who I am and move through life with impeccable values . I want to be able to lay my head on the pillow each night, even when everything is turning to shit and be able to say’ least I know I’m a good person’

I think social media is saturated with people trying to portray an image, trying to be more than what they are or always show the sexy, glamorous and desireable part of their life.. where’as I go out of my way to ensure I show my pain, my human struggles , my fears and my downfalls. I think vulnerability is something that is so rarely shown but so often craved for, and I guess because honesty is more important to me than anything I am comfortable showing people my downfalls and instead of intimidating people or making them feel insecure, it brings us all together. Pain can be an incredible bonding tool. I’m also pretty fucing passionate about women being valued and valuing themselves for more than their looks, again I think that seems to be refreshing on social media saturated with fitness videos that are essentially soft porn!

What is one piece of advice that changed your life?

So this has been something I’ve been thinking about since I turned 30 ..(all of 6 days) but it’s really sticking with me at the moment. And that’s the fact that we’re going to die one day! When I really sit with that it shocks me to laugh more, worry less, care more about others and less about my perceived problems. So many people are too terrified to sit with the idea of our own mortality but I tell ya, if you get really really familiar with it… every moment becomes a god-sent.

What do you think?

Written by Millennial Staff

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