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Danielle Cuccio is a registered yoga instructor and the founder of Cuccio Somatology. Born into an entrepreneurial family with a business in beauty, Danielle naturally wanted to get into the industry. She was interested in making people look and feel more beautiful. After graduating UCLA and attending Santa Monica Cosmetology School, Danielle received her Aesthetician License and began working with celebrity clients on a deeper level. She found that healthy skin was the result of every day lifestyle choices and developed a method that took into consideration mind, body and spirit.

This then motivated her decision to become a registered yoga instructor and open Cuccio Somatology. She believed yogis were much more open to somatology and would appreciate her holistic approach to health and wellness. The trend has become an all-encompassing lifestyle that can no longer be looked at from one angle. She had to incorporate elements of diet, fitness, sleep patterns, positive thinking, and skin care to understand the effects it had on her client’s overall beauty.

So-ma-tol-ogy: The study of the body and assisting others in improving their general wellness and aesthetic appearance through information and practice of healthy lifestyles habits.

Divider-3Year born: 1988

Age: 26

City: Los Angeles, CA

Background: UCLA, Certified Yoga Instructor, Esthetician

Profession: CEO of Cuccio Somatology & Celebrity Private Yoga Instructor

Connect:  Website // Blog // Facebook // Twitter // Instagram // YouTube

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Written by Ben Lin

Ben Lin is a music and event photographer.

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