Want to put together an outfit that’s bound to turn heads when you walk into any room? To achieve such a look, you don’t have to break the bank to find clothing that matches your sense of fashion, nor do you have to spend hours in the store putting together an outfit. 

Here are five shopping hacks to help you stretch your dollar as you’re building the ultimate wardrobe.

1. Spend More on Great Shoes

First, consider what type of shoes you plan to wear for each occasion, and don’t be afraid to spend a little extra on looking your best. According to Psychology Today, shoes accurately reflect your personality, social status and political leanings. Essentially, people base their first impression of you from the ground up

So, if you find shoes you like but don’t know which clothes to pair them with, try to match the rest of your outfit with the aesthetics of your shoes. Then, if someone closely observes your outfit, they’ll admire the fact that you put extra thought into it.

2. Wait for the Price to Drop

See a new top you can’t afford at the moment but know you need it? Ask the store clerk if they know how long it will be in stock. Most of the featured clothing at retail stores stay in stock for at least a month, and while it’s in-season, you won’t get the best deal. If you want to save money on new items for your wardrobe, wait for the prices to fall before a new season arrives.

3. Use Gift Cards During Sales

If you receive a gift card from a relative at Christmas or find price-reduced gift cards online, wait to use them until the retailer holds a seasonal discount sale with significant price reductions on hot items. Additionally, check newspaper ads or email promotions any time you’re looking to create a new outfit, so you can get a good idea of what’s in fashion. Plus, you can double your savings when you use gift cards in combination with a store rewards card. Build loyalty points from making in-store purchases and save even more money every time you shop.

4. Find a Thrift Store in a Wealthy District

There isn’t as great of a chance that you’d find a diamond in the rough at an old-corner thrift store unless you’re lucky enough to find something that just arrived. Most people who donate clothes to a bargain store live within the vicinity, so if you don’t want to sift through piles of old knitted sweaters and worn-out shoes, you’ll have better luck shopping in wealthier neighborhoods. You’d be surprised how many people buy a new piece of clothing at a brand store and then donate it only a few months later after they’ve tired of it. Plus, most of the items in these neighborhoods are often in better condition when they arrive, and you get a much lower price on items that have barely been worn.

5. Buy at Least One Good Piece of Lingerie 

If you’re going to incorporate sexy lingerie into your outfit, at least make sure these pieces are worth the price. Items made from cheap material either never feel good when you wear them, don’t fit right, or scratch your skin every time you wear them. Quality garters or lingerie doesn’t have to cost a fortune, and these items won’t leave you wondering whether you’re wasting good money on something you’ll never wear.

Save Your Hard-Earned Cash and Always Look Awesome 

Whether you’re in the mood to put together some summer outfits for a getaway or looking to spruce it up before the holidays, you can get the wardrobe you want without breaking the bank. Don’t be afraid to search in different areas for the right deals or clothing options; it’s your look, after all. You’ll be wearing these clothes, anyway. So why not put together some phenomenal outfits?