Many people are looking for more adventure in their lives, and some amazing new facilities are opening up everywhere to give people the opportunity for some thrills, spills and adventures, and still be back home in time for dinner.

The twenty-first century has seen a surge in leisure technologies, and there are many enterprising new businesses that are using all the latest in high-tech to give people adventures that can seem like they are out of this world, sometimes literally.

If you are looking for more adventure in your life, then we have the guide for you. Whether you are with friends or are a solo adventurer, there are some great options around for you to find some extra adventure and challenge in your life.

Disappear to a Virtual Reality of Adventures

Virtual Reality has been the holy grail for many of entertainment’s biggest corporations, and the technology has finally matured into light-weight and high-quality headsets that many new businesses are using to create unique and challenging adventures for all the family.

VR adventure parks are popping up all over the country, giving teams of players or solo adventurers the opportunity to ‘ghost-bust’ in haunted houses, clean up the mean streets of an old wild west town, or journey to a whole new world of adventures on an alien planet.

These facilities combine real-world setting and props, augmented with virtual reality technology to create truly immersive experiences, with puzzles to solve and foes to vanquish for you and your friends.

Solve a Thrilling Mystery with a Team of Friends

One of the fastest growing adventures that you can find in a city near you is a puzzle room experience.

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These adventures, offered at specially designed facilities like Puzzleworks, have been created by the cunning businesses to bring mystery and intrigue to main street and help a group of friends (or strangers) become a team. You can find yourself solving a mystery, or working together to perform the ultimate bank heist.

Adventures like these are perfect for birthdays for teens and upwards, and are growing in popularity with businesses as a team building exercise for new recruits.

Go Wild at an Adult Sized Adventure Course

If you want an adventure in the great outdoors, then you need to visit an adult sized adventure course where you use rope bridges, zip lines and inflatable obstacles to clear a course as fast as you can, or slowly if you prefer.

This is a great day out for friends looking for some adventure, and comes with the added bonus of getting out into the great outdoors and experiencing some wonderful sights of nature while you climb, swing and zip your way through a forest.

Thanks to modern technology and clever entrepreneurs, you don’t have to travel far or be gone for too long to get a bit more adventure in your life. Hopefully this guide has given you some of the information you need to add some more adventure to your daily life with one of these fantastic experiences.