Liposuction as well as breast augmentation and eyelid surgery consistently make it to the list of top five cosmetic procedures, but new technological developments, shorter downtimes, and non-surgical alternatives are causing patients to seek more novel treatments. Patients are requesting cosmetic surgery earlier than before, in an attempt to delay or altogether avoid major surgery like facelifts. Below are just a few trends to watch out for if you are keen to turn back the hands of time with a little help from your surgeon.

Eyelid and Brow Lifts

Fillers have done plenty to restore volume and a youthful appearance to the face, but patients are increasingly noting the limitations that the non-surgical approach can have versus cosmetic surgery. As such, they are requesting more eyelid and brow lifts, which deliver a more permanent, natural result (which is distinct, indeed, from the somewhat “frozen” look bestowed by Botox. Eyebrow raising lends eyes a younger, gentler look, and reduces the need for Botox. As such, full motion is restored to the forehead, lending the upper part of the face a more natural feel.

Intimate Surgery

The Instagram boom has led millions of beauty buffs to seek the bikini perfect look through cosmetic surgery. Many patients are therefore seeking to have intimate surgery such as labiaplasties, which remove excess skin and lend the intimate area a smoother, flatter appearance. Labiaplasty costs significantly less in some locations than others (ranging in price from around $4,500 to $8,000) so medical tourism may be worthwhile if you are interested in this procedure. Many surgeons are offering this procedure alongside non-surgical ones such as laser vaginal tightening, to improve function as well as form.

Light or Mini-Facelifts

Patients are no longer waiting until their 50s or beyond to give their face a youthful lift. The advent of new procedures such as the Light or Mini-Facelift, enables them to tighten sagging skin through less invasive procedures that require significantly less downtime than in the past. Light facelifts include thread lifts, which involves placing temporary sutures in skin to produce a subtle but visible lift. Sometimes, threads are not needed at all. The surgeon simple creates small incisions in front of the ears (from the hairline to the bottom of the earlobe). Skin and tissue is then pulled up towards this incision, and excess skin is removed for a firmer effect.

Cellulite Treatments

While cellulite is a natural occurrence caused by factors such as genetics, hormonal changes, and lifestyle, it is often considered undesirable by those affected, primarily women. Consequently, various surgical treatments have gained popularity for treating cellulite on the stomach, buttocks, calves or other parts of the body that are less commonly prone to cellulite. These procedures typically involve the use of specialized equipment, such as lasers or radio-frequency devices, to target the underlying fat deposits and tighten the skin.
Despite their popularity, it is important to note that they are not without risks or guarantees of permanent results. Consulting with a qualified healthcare professional can provide further guidance on the best approach for addressing cellulite concerns in less common areas of the body.

Natural-Looking Breast Implants

The Baywatch era is officially over! The penchant for round, visible implants is officially over, with a vast majority of patients now seeking a more natural look. 3D imaging is one technique that is enabling them to choose an ideal implant for their figure, or to get an exact idea of how natural breast augmentation might look. The latter nixes implants in favor of the patient’s own fat. Fat is harnessed from an unwanted area in the body, placed into a centrifugal machine, and reinjected into the breast area for a slightly fuller effected. The process is called “autologous fat transfer.”

Liposuction, breast augmentation, and eyelid surgery may still top the list of most popular surgeries, but patients are increasingly seeking refining their demands. Many are seeking to ditch fillers in favor of lasting surgeries like eyelid and brow lifts. They are also demanding procedures with shorter downtimes and more natural results.