Growing your business is important, whatever industry you are in. But expanding a beauty business poses its own unique challenges. Here are three ways that you can take your beauty business to the next level.

Expand your beauty business with new products

It is normal for businesses to go through a phase where things seem stagnant. If you feel like you’re stuck in one place, consider expanding your beauty business by offering something new, like new beauty products. Before you expand your line of offerings, make sure that you will be offering something that your clients will want, like lash extension products.

Lash extensions are everywhere, from the red carpet to the yoga studio in your neighborhood. Take a look around and you might find that more women than you thought are wearing them. You might even be a fan. By offering a popular beauty service, you cannot only capture new clients, but earn more by adding the service on to your existing client’s service or product purchases. It’s a win-win, for both you and your clients. Before you jump into a new service or product, make sure that you are educated about it or have completed the proper certifications.

Tap a new audience with social media

The makeup industry has exploded on social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube over the past few years. Users seek out beauty brands and beauty industry influencers alike to learn about the latest and greatest in beauty trends and the top and emerging aesthetics. If you are not actively engaging with followers or posting original content from your business on these platforms, there is a high chance that you are missing out on would-be customers.

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This is one of the easiest ways to get your brand in front of new eyes. There is no need to hire a PR agency or social media team. Social media is today’s version of advertising. If you have a smartphone you can do this. Seriously, it’s that simple. Social media accounts can also increase your search engine ranking, which means that your customers can find you easily. Being active on social helps you establish brand recognition, and it can even help you develop trust with your clients.

Capture clients with a well-designed website

When is the last time you gave your website a refresh? Beauty trends are always changing, and so are website designs. Is your website mobile friendly? It should be. There is a good chance potential customers are searching from their smartphones. Make sure that your website is consistent across different devices. As a beauty industry business owner you will also want to make sure that your products and services are represented appropriately. Be sure to showcase the products that you offer with compelling content and high-quality images. And when it comes to the services that you offer, be sure to give a well-written description of what each service entails and a base price point. You might have extensive knowledge about blowouts and balayage, but there’s a good chance your average customer will not. Share your expertise on your website.

Whether you chose to offer new products and services, revamp your website, or connect with customers on social media, these three tips can help you grow your beauty business.

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