The pandemic changed many things. Some scientists predicted it, but most people didn’t take them that seriously. When Covid-19 arrived, the world halted. Lockdowns created ghost towns. Few people drove or even walked down the street, and those who did wore masks.

It was surreal, and even now, several years in, it’s hard to imagine that something invisible created such havoc. There was a sense that, at any moment, the world could stop, and many people had a hard time accepting that.

Many industries halted as well, including motorcycle sales. This makes sense when you think about it. Who wants a new motorcycle when you’ve lost your job or you’re worried about your older relatives?

In 2023, the world doesn’t look quite so scary, though. That’s why Harley Davidson is having a come back in a big way. The 2023 Harley Davidson CVO motorcycles have sold well during this year’s first quarter, and it’s worth discussing why that’s happening.

Many People Feel More Positive Now

During the pandemic’s early days, so many industries shut down, either completely or partially. Only a few select ones thrived, and the motorcycle manufacturing and sales industry was not one of them.

There was less demand because some people lost their jobs, while others felt like they should conserve their savings. For most consumers, buying a motorcycle isn’t a necessity. It seemed inevitable that in conditions where everyone tightened their belts, motorcycles wouldn’t fly out of showrooms at record numbers.

Society getting back to normalcy took years. 2021 saw the first vaccines, and they gave people hope. Many still had financial concerns, though, while some had fewer hours at work. Others were job hunting, and they didn’t think about buying a Harley Davidson.

By 2022, we saw most people remove their masks and breathe the free air again. People smiled more. You could see that things could become status quo again in the near future. Still, some individuals didn’t travel or splurge on bigger expenses yet. They weren’t ready.

In 2023, most people seem better. They’re in healthier mental states, and that’s why the newest Harley models have started selling again.

Most people don’t consider motorcycles the most practical vehicles, but when they’re happier, they’ll consume more. That’s a formula that should produce better Harley sales this year, which should make dealership owners feel good.

Some People Have Disposable Income Again

You should also see more Harley Davidson sales and motorcycle sales in general this year because some people have disposable income again. Inflation still lurks, and some individuals still feel they should remain frugal. Others feel like they can spend and stimulate the economy, though, and some may think a Harley looks mighty tempting when they view it every day in a showroom window.

If you have disposable income, getting a Harley might appeal in several ways. You might want one because you crave the speed and the open road. You can’t get that with a car since its metallic shell contains you. You’re safer in there, but you don’t get the rush that a Harley provides.

With more money out there, Harley dealerships should see more sales. Their client base, individuals with disposable income, should start appearing again. The new models will likely catch their eye, and cash deals or financing will soon follow.

Many Individuals Want to Travel Again this Year

We mentioned how, during the pandemic’s early days, many people battened down the hatches and didn’t leave their homes. Some worked, but they did so while wearing masks. They returned home quickly after work and didn’t spend time with friends like they usually would.

They didn’t travel, either. The roads stayed mostly empty and deserted. The airline industry lost money. Many flights had very few people on them.

Over the past two years, that has gradually changed, as we’ve seen normalcy prevail. In 2023, some people feel like they can travel again, and many think they should do so while operating a brand-new Harley model.

If you want a vacation this year, maybe you want a new Harley so you can motor on down to Tampa and lie out on the beach. Maybe you’ll target Las Vegas or New Orleans. Perhaps you’d prefer Sturgis and the big annual bike rally.

Travelers who have wanderlust might very well show up in Harley showrooms looking for deals. They might feel this year they can venture out again and reclaim the roads that the pandemic briefly took away.

Motorcycles Indicate Your Status

This might turn into the year when some people who want a life change buy themselves Harleys. They want the status that comes with this legendary machine.

Harleys represent the American spirit and originality. All motorcycles do, but Harleys have a special status they’re earned over the past several decades. When you ride one, people look at you differently.

Some individuals who come into Harley dealerships this year might crave that. They may think they need a whole-life shakeup, and that starts when they make this purchase.

They might buy a Harley and pull into work. They’ll get some envious stares when they arrive. Their friends will congratulate them, and they’ll want one as well.

These same individuals who buy Harleys might pull up on them for dates they met via social media. They can impress the new person in their lives when they tell them they should hop on the back and hold on tight.

They can go riding along the coast or explore the highways. When you cross the line and buy a Harley, you’re embracing your free spirit, and it’s worth it. You only live once, so why not do so on one of these legendary machines?

2023 seems like the year when reinvention and rejoicing should occur. This country and the world have seen some tough years, but we could hardly embrace that mentality forever. More disposable income, a travel uptick, and the desire for life changes should fuel the Harley Davidson renaissance that’s coming.