Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese system of balancing our physical environment to promote harmony and a sense of well-being. Feng Shui practitioners believe that everything (and everyone) has a certain energy, or “chi”; from a home’s natural surroundings to its furnishings and decor, and how we arrange those objects can affect all aspects of our lives.

Though Feng Shui has a mysterious, or even mystical air to it, the key aspect is seeking balance (between yin and yang) despite constant change. Feng Shui aims to not only create a happier environment by suggesting an optimal place for every object but also addresses specific areas of concern, from career and relationships to health and wealth. However, it is not a cure for-all for each and every one of life’s challenges.

Practical Feng Shui Cures

The Entrance

When an entryway is beautiful and benevolent, we invite possibilities and opportunities into our homes. Give the entrance dedicated attention because that’s what meets the eye first. To create positive energy ripples in your life, try placing a water fountain, a nice painting at the entrance.

The sound of flowing water is pleasant as well as relaxing to our jaded nerves. Placement also matters; to see advancements in career and finance; place it in the north. Make the space outside the door as appealing as possible by keeping it clean, approachable and decluttered. Healthy plants and bright, fragrant flowers elevate beauty, suggest good health, a magnetic invitation to all good things in life.

Placing a wind chime in the doorway encourages helpful people in your life and entices auspicious energy into our homes. To improve the overall energy levels of your house, ring the Tibetan bell around the house every few days.

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Living Room With An Ideal Focal Point

A good Feng Shui living room is a serene and inviting retreat where you can slip off your shoes and relax. Feng Shui considers flowing water and floating fish as important and lucky symbols that invite positive vibes. A square or rectangular aquarium in the south east ensures steady flow of income and good career luck. Positioning lush green plants in an ideal place can fill your life with health, wealth, fame and recognition. A bold and gorgeous mirror can be the focal point of a Feng Shui living room adding bewitching space and light.


Start with placing the bed in the commanding position, the one farthest from the door but from where you can see the doorway while lying in bed, this allows you to be stronger, calmer, and feel safe and loved. Spice up your love life with plants in the bedroom, adding hope and cheer. Color you room according to your birth date to determine which of the five elements you fall under: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal or Water.

Furniture Arrangement

Place the main sofa in the living room against a solid wall, otherwise you will have no support in life, the smaller ones can have a window behind. Make sure you can see the door, if you have a door behind, you will miss out on life’s opportunities, by placing a mirror cleverly so that you don’t see your own reflection while standing at the door is the cure. Always avoid sitting under a beam; this may be the cause of financial losses, headaches, migraine and other health problems. Cover the beam with a false ceiling and have lighting inside.

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Position your wall mirror to reflect scenic beauty like flowing river, rolling hills or plants and trees instead of unpleasant views like clutter and dirty drains to foster prosperity and positive energy for healthy relationships. Be wise with the color scheme and do not place pictures that depict sadness, violence or loneliness; avoid confusing abstract art and pictures of fierce animals. However, a family picture in a metal frame can attract the luck of fame and recognition.

Make sure your home encourages and stimulates learning by placing books visibly when you enter your home. Position your work-desk in such a way or place a mirror so that you can see the entrance to encounter more opportunities and lose less often.

Millennial Magazine- feng shui

Do Away With Clutter

To release your frustrations and anxieties, fix broken objects, repair or replace the flooring if broken, make sure your front door doesn’t squeak, scrape the floor, hinges and locks are secure. Get rid of junk as it attracts negative energy. Block drains to keep funds from draining out and keep bathroom doors closed.

Place a model of the three legged toad, an ancient and mystical Feng Shui symbol to attract wealth and prosperity.