As we leave 2018 behind us and bravely step into 2019, we’re letting go of some outdated home interior trends, making place for fresh and new ones. Another year of great interior design trends is in front of us, so if you want to change the indoor appearance of your home, here are some great suggestions on where to start and what to change.

Keep it eco-friendly

This is one trend that has been with us for several years now, but one that evolves as time goes by. The key to interior trends is to make your home a healthy living space, while taking care of the environment. One way to make your home a part of your healthy lifestyle is by incorporating plants into your home décor. The type of plant you put in each part of your home depends on the space you have available and the proximity of windows, but don’t hold back on the quantity – the more, the better. Not only will your home look nicer and more in unison with the great outdoors, but the plants will filter your air of many harmful chemicals you can find inside most homes. If you want something decorative on your floor, jute natural rugs on hardwood floors are the perfect replacement for wall-to-wall carpets. Finally, when painting your furniture or walls, be aware that the flat finishes contain fewer harmful chemicals than high-gloss paint.

Go retro with interior trends

There are some styles of home décor that keep coming back, decade after decade, often with a fresh twist of contemporary interior trends. When we talk about 2019, one style we can’t skip is the art deco, which will replace the simplicity of 2018 furniture with more playful and extravagant material and patterns. The pieces you should consider changing are sofas, lighting fixtures and various accessories. Other retro pieces you should get include a canopy bed for your bedroom, as well as any piece with the abstract seventies’ funk for your living room, to reflect your own charisma and temperament. Invest in sliding barn doors to save space in any of your rooms, along with a bucket sink in your bathroom for some rustic, farmhouse charm. As far as lighting fixtures are concerned, you won’t go wrong with sconces, but if you want something more elegant, you’ll be happy to hear that vintage pendants in large amounts are making a comeback.

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Introduce some color

When color patterns are concerned, there are several options which will find its place in your home this year. First of all, in accordance with turning to nature for inspiration, you can choose earth tones to incorporate with the bold shades of red, pink, yellow and green of your furniture and home décor. Furthermore, floral patterns are paving the path for their return through textured wallpaper, with over-accentuated proportions and contrasting colors. And while we’re at the topic of wallpapers, one piece of advice that keeps emerging is to embrace the abundance of colors and oversized geometric patterns on them, and not to hesitate making them a part of your bedroom, bathroom or even living room. As far as kitchens go, you should implement the contrast between dark finishes and a bit lighter colors for your cabinets, such as grey or even white. If that seems to simple for you, 2019 will be a year of personalized kitchens. This means that you can add open or glass cabinets and fill them with various vintage or ethnic dish ware in different colors, recipe books and anything else interesting that you’ve brought home from your exotic vacation.

Mix it up

Throughout previous years, matching was a welcome phenomenon in all parts of your home. This year, however, things are going to be completely different. Instead of getting matching living room sets from one store, you’re encouraged to find pieces you love and do some mixing and matching on your own terms. You shouldn’t worry much about the colors and styles, since anything that looks good to you will show your personality and make your living room a more interesting place to spend your day. Furthermore, the matching metal finishes in your kitchen have counted their days and now you get to mix things like nickel faucets and chrome cupboard knobs with any other type of metal without feeling guilty about it. Last, but not least, just because you’ve decided on a colorful wallpaper for your bedroom wall, it doesn’t mean you can’t mix it with some art or your favorite family photos. If you like it, it should stay.

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If you’re tired of what your home looks like now, by all means, make some adjustments. Allow yourself to be creative with colors, shapes and materials and turn your living space into a more vibrant and cheerful place for you to enjoy.