Entrepreneurs are a strange breed. Driven to succeed and ambitious beyond most people’s wildest dreams, they’re some of the most successful people in the world. They’re also self-made and pay careful attention to their personal development, and the skills they’re onboarding, in order to always find themselves a step ahead of their competitors. This article looks at five of the healthiest habits that the best entrepreneurs tend to observe, and how you’ll be able to use them to drive your own success. Onboarding these skills into your life will help you navigate the complex world of startups and projects with grace and confidence.

Relationships and Networking

While entrepreneurs are happy to work and develop ideas alone, that’s not to say that they’re not supported by the ideas and contributions of their network, which they nurture continually. When they need to share concepts, they’ll have people to bounce them off. When they need legal advice, they’ll know just the lawyer to go to. And when they need freelance assistance on a project, they’ll have a pool of talent to dip into – a pool that they trust and respect.

Passion and Enthusiasm

Entrepreneurs are nothing if they aren’t constantly positive and motivated about the company that they’re creating. They’re full of energy, ideas and, most importantly, solutions. They’re willing to throw themselves into all areas of the business, but they also know when to back off to let their team do their work. As a budding entrepreneur, you’ll do well to always maintain a positive, upbeat mindset.

Constant Reevaluation 

Entrepreneurs are rarely satisfied with the status quo and, even if their business venture is looking healthy and productive, they’re always anticipating what might go wrong. Reevaluation, the ability to detach from the stress of one’s current work to take an objective big-picture look at one’s company, is a valuable and rare talent. It’s what helps the most successful entrepreneurs avoid roadblocks and bumps in the road like magicians.

Knowing the Shortcuts

Every worker has been in the frustrating position of waiting for a committee of individuals to decide on certain aspects of the business, and those debates that can sometimes range over many weeks before becoming resolved. Entrepreneurs, with their singular vision and reluctance to waste time, know business shortcuts to help them actualize their strategies faster. If they need a logo, they find a place where they can create a logo online. Need a marketing strategy? They know where to outsource to, who to get advice from, or which to enact from their past experience.

Charisma and Leadership 

Of course, a list such as this cannot conclude without mentioning charisma and leadership, two absolute fundamentals in the entrepreneur’s repertoire of talents. They need these to inspire their team, to win over customers and clients, and to be the public-facing side of the business. With charisma and confidence (and, of course, self-awareness) people will follow you and respect your unique vision and drive.

If you’re looking to become the best-best entrepreneur, use the five behaviors above to perfect your skill set and to launch your career to the next level.