If you’re still wrapped in twenty layers of clothes and complaining about the cold, you might not have started thinking about spring and summer yet. Fashionistas are. Now that all of the Spring/Summer 2019 shows have all come to a close, those with an eye on their wardrobe are starting to contemplate fashion ideas.

From color choices to the way that clothes fit, here are the fashion choices that will help make you stand out this year. No matter your size, shape, or subculture, here’s what you should be adding to your wardrobe in 2019.

On the Pink Side

If you thought that last year was packed with color choices, then you haven’t seen anything yet. Dazzling hyper pinks were the first noticeable trend on the catwalks this season, but the color explosion didn’t stop there. If it’s bright, then it’s happening in 2019.

Most designers who showed collections this year had some smart ways of incorporating bright pinks into their ensembles. Some went all out, with completely head-to-toe suits and outfits that might be too much for some people. What works better is pairing your hyper pink item of clothing with something black, white, or orange. This gives you the chance to opt for some balance while keeping the intensity.

Suiting Up

One of the looks that received the most applause throughout the latest shows was the stylish ways that suits were being tinkered with. Head to toe is clearly going to be as popular an option as color choice this year, but the suit remains an enduring presence.

For both men and women, the full suit is set to be THE look of the Summer, and it’s not that difficult to tailor this vibe with your own look. If you’re on the larger size, it’s easy to mix and match items with well-designed and fitted plus size coats for elegance and style. Whether you’re off to work or out on the town, suiting up is the simplest fashion trend to be seen in quite some time, so expect it to be embraced on high streets and nightclubs around the world.

Exaggerated & Elongated

Sweaters and sweatshirts were the focus of much debate throughout this season’s shows. There were some unique takes on these staples of every wardrobe, but perhaps the most inspiring was the exaggerated sweater and the elongated sweatshirt.

These were oversized versions of what you’d normally expect to see, and the large proportions were trending on social media throughout the shows this year. This might be a challenging trend to incorporate into your own wardrobe collection, but the trick is to use layers that vary color and texture. Mix in some tie-dyed layers for a more casual look, or go classical with some sharp color choices.

The best thing about the fashion shows for the spring and summer in 2019 was the variety. These three examples might have been the most popular and trending aspects, but you don’t have to limit your choices. Check out the fashion trends that are expected to be huge in 2019, and you could be adding new and stylish clothes to your existing wardrobe before you know it.