If you’re trying to excel as a modern business, then it takes more than great leadership from the top. You have to ensure that your team is poised to follow and elevate you to further heights and, to do that, you have to make sure that you’re aiming for the top talent you can get. Here, we’re going to look at some of the latest recruiting trends companies are investing in to make sure that the best of the best are on their side.

Know how to attract them

You need more than just a good salary and a good benefits package to start bringing in the truly talented (though you definitely do need that, too.) You need to build an excellent company culture that’s likely to attract the kind of employees who have what it takes to choose based on more than money alone. This includes a supportive work environment, a culture that praises when it’s deserved, and teaches when there are gaps to be filled and, perhaps most importantly, the chance of progression. Recruiting trends indicate there are too many companies that fill gaps in their management and higher levels by going outside of the business rather than allowing their team to progress from within, which means that employees are less likely to invest their energies into that company.

Ensure that you’re looking in the right places

If you’re looking to hire the best of the best, then when you’re trying to get a job position filled, you have to think about where you’re going to put the word out. An ad in the local papers isn’t quite going to cut it. Some companies will work with agencies that can partner with a roster of their own team, but agencies do get in the way and do get a cut of the money that could otherwise be used to offer a more enticing package to the employee. Specialist job boards like Lensa jobs are also becoming a good deal more popular according to recent recruiting trends. If you can find places to put your jobs that are more catered to the specific kind of employee you’re looking for, then the results are likely to be a lot more fitting to your needs, too.

Get them while they’re fresh

The best talent isn’t always going to be those who have the most experience. If you’re willing to help show your new employees the ropes a little more often, then attending college job fairs could be just the strategy for you. As shown at Forbes, these job fairs offer the opportunity to attract the working demographic with the most relevant set of skills for modern trends in most industries, and training and onboarding can sometimes be easier, as you don’t have to train another company’s methods and modes out of the people you can hire from these fairs.

Recruiting Trends in 2023

If you truly want the best staff, you have to get competitive, and you have to get active. You also have to be willing to look for more than experience, a common crutch that many business owners can fall into that can end up relying too heavily on.