There is currently a global talent shortage and businesses within many industries are struggling to fill vacancies. As a result, employers often face fierce competition to attract and hire the most talented candidates. If you run a company, and you are looking to add to your team, here are some tips to make your business’s company culture more alluring for talented recruits. 

Understand what employees want 

Times are changing and employee preferences are evolving. In the past, salary was the most important factor for many candidates, but today, the majority of job seekers are looking for flexibility, a healthy work-life balance, opportunities to progress and a supportive work environment, as well as a competitive salary.

It’s beneficial for employers to be aware of what employees want. Speak to your team, analyze your benefits package, contract terms and working hours, and explore wider industry and societal trends. Keep an eye on your competitors and use feedback from previous hiring and recruitment campaigns. 

Provide excellent onboarding and extend a warm welcome

Most employees want to settle into a new job and feel comfortable and confident as quickly as possible. As a business owner or team leader, you can help to create a positive first impression and oversee a seamless induction by extending a warm welcome, getting your team together to meet new people and providing an excellent onboarding, training and induction experience.

Take a look at websites like, ask for feedback from employees and embrace innovative new methods and platforms. Promote integration and interaction through group activities and social opportunities. Simple things like going for a drink after work or planning a meal to welcome new starters can make a big difference. 

Offer a competitive employee benefits package

For many employees, the employee benefits package can make the difference when choosing one employer over another. It’s crucial to ensure that you can compete with other firms. Pay scales are not the only consideration.

Think carefully about what you offer your employees and how benefits align with their requirements and preferences. Some people may want a company culture that values health and dental insurance and access to wellness benefits more than a slightly higher salary, for example. For more tips, take a look at this article

Encourage progression

When you compare job offers, it’s wise to think about the future, as well as the present. Many candidates will have ambitions to enhance and improve their career prospects in the future and they will look for companies that offer opportunities for career development and progression.

Support your employees in fulfilling their potential and try to promote progression through hiring internally and offering access to training and development opportunities. 

Prioritize company culture values

Research shows that the majority of job seekers want to find an employer that shares their values. Over 55% of candidates wouldn’t even consider working for a company that didn’t share their personal values. Prioritize culture and values and tell your story. 

Company owners and team leaders face fierce competition for the best candidates. If you’re looking to hire new employees, it’s important to make sure that your business is an attractive proposition.