Some people think that bathrooms are the least important parts of our homes – it’s just a couple of square feet, they say, so why spend time and money on bathroom design? Others disagree, stating that this is where you start your morning, relax after a hard day and recuperate during a long bath. People pay special attention to their bathrooms, and some even choose to create an eclectic bathroom combination. Uniting a variety of styles, patterns, colors and shades does not have to be a bad thing, if done correctly, and will certainly make your bathroom stand out.

Why Choose Eclectic?

The reason why so many people opt for eclectic bathroom designs usually comes from a wish to make their bathroom area unique. Knowing that this is where their inner peace, cleansing and harmony comes from, they want to create a special vibe and reduce their stress. That is why the centerpiece of their bathroom is a spacious bathtub that helps them forget everything and dive right into a pool of comfort, which is something you can do as well.

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A Combination of Materials

With so few pieces in an average bathroom, you have to be quite careful when merging them into a whole. Maybe the bathtub of your dreams does not look good next to the toilet, or your favorite mats do not match the countertop because they’re all made from different materials. But, if it looks good, don’t worry about it.

When creating an eclectic bathroom, dare to be bold and make no compromises. Wood, glass, marble and tile, on the one hand, and wool, cotton and decorations from natural recycled materials, on the other, might be a perfect match and create a nice contrast.

A Combination of Colors

Not all bathrooms have to be beige, pink or blue, you know! You can mix those colors and come up with a one of a kind bathroom design. The easiest way to achieve this is by focusing on larger pieces – like bathtubs, the floor tiles and the countertops – and then going in the opposite direction when choosing the color for other items, such as the walls, the curtains and the toilet.

For instance, if your tiles are green, paint the walls yellow; if the tub is white, make sure its curtains are red; if, finally, your countertops are black, a freshly repainted blue toilet will make a terrific contrast.

Millennial Magazine- eclectic bathroom

A Combination of Styles

When creating an eclectic bathroom, try to combine various styles – vintage and contemporary, mid-century and Victorian, Art Nouveau and Art Deco, and so on. You can basically play with whichever elements you find attractive and act as if you were a professional designer. Once you get inspired by a certain style, you will have no problem mixing it with the others and express your taste: for example, a vintage bench from the 1950s just might fit perfectly with your state-of-the-art glass shower!

However, no matter how hard you try to incorporate different styles and no matter how well they work together, sometimes accidents happen. One of the things to bear in mind is that some of these styles – especially the older ones – include pieces that were not initially intended for an excessive everyday usage, which means that they can get clogged and blocked, so you might want to have a good emergency plumber at your disposal at all times.

Design an Eclectic Bathroom

Stepping into an eclectic bathroom is an experience you will cherish every single day – the selection of colors, together with the mixture of styles and materials will turn your bathroom into a special place you deserve.