Do Your Auto Insurance Rates Drop Once You’ve Turned 25?

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Auto insurance is necessary regardless of the type of driving that you do. Unfortunately, if you’re younger than 25, your rates might be a bit higher than you’d like and it can be difficult to find a policy that is affordable. Understanding how your rates can and will change as you age can help in finding a policy that works for you. Likewise, there are many discounts available to younger drivers that you can take advantage of to save money each month.

How Experience Helps Limit Rates

One of the major reasons for insurance companies lowering costs on drivers over the age of 25 is because of experience. A more experienced driver is one who will be able to avoid accidents and collisions easily when compared to someone who is relatively new behind the wheel. The more experience that you have driving, the less money you’ll pay on your premium because your provider may not see you as a risk or liability any longer.

Young Driver Discounts

If you’re currently under the age of 25 and sick of paying through the roof for your insurance premium, it’s important to become aware of different discounts available to you to save money. For example, student car insurance is readily available to individuals attending either high school or college and who need to have access to a vehicle. These premiums are often less money because providers know that students may not be able to afford ridiculously high rates. Some companies also offer accident forgiveness to drivers who haven’t had an accident in one or more years, and this will help to prevent your rate from being hiked up as the result of a collision.

Understanding How Your Car Can Impact Your Costs

The type of vehicle you drive can also have an impact on costs associated with coverage. For instance, if you’re a younger driver who owns a two-door sports car, you’ll be more likely to get locked into a relatively high premium rate. If, however, you drive a more modest vehicle that isn’t considered to be compact or sporty, your rates will be lower than expected, which can save you money over time.

Your Driving Record

Your driving record will have a direct impact on your rate limit as well. If you have a number of accidents, tickets, hit-and-run incidents and other vehicle and driving-related marks against you, you’re going to pay more for your coverage regardless of your age. For this reason, it’s important that you become a better driver on the road to prevent these problems from occurring. Taking a defensive driving course and practicing your driving skills before heading out into more crowded areas can help save money long-term.

Ways to Limit Costs Associated with Coverage

Even if you’re under 25 and currently paying a lot for insurance, rest assured that your premium rates will go down the older that you get. Take advantage of any student discounts available to you and work on honing in on your driving skills. Take driving classes and submit proof to your provider so that they can use this to hopefully lower your costs. If need be, look for a different company that is offering cheaper, more affordable coverage.

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Written by Britt Hysen

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