Discover different cultures. Taste new food. Dress according to your mood. Meet new friends. Go camping. See celebrities in the flesh. Make lots of new memories with your best buds. You don’t think it’s possible to do all these things at once? Then you probably haven’t gone to a good music festival yet.

For the past decade, music festivals have increasingly become popular all over the world. There’s certainly a reason why music festival tickets continue to get all sold out despite their seemingly increasing prices every year. Music festival attendees and artists alike enjoy how this experience has made them disconnect with the world’s negativities and love life even more through music.

As we’re almost through with the first half of 2018, there might be some music festivals that you’ve already missed. But that surely isn’t a reason why you’ll refuse to see other great festivals that are lined up for this year.

So whether you are a music lover who wants to know which festival is worthy to be attended first, or you are a music festival fan who wants to make sure you’ve ticked every essential one on your list, it doesn’t really matter. The important thing is, you’re on the right page and you’re interested in knowing about the popular music festivals this year.

And don’t you ever worry. With that, we’ve got you covered! Despite the very long list of amazing music festivals the world has prepared for you this year, we’ve handpicked simply the best of the best to help you out. In no particular order, here’s our very own list of 10 Music Festivals you shouldn’t miss:

1. Coachella (April 13-15 & 20-22)

Probably the most-awaited, most in-demand, and most famous of them all, the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in California has indeed made almost everyone a die-hard fan of such event. World-famous artists like Eminem, The Weekend, Cardi B, Post Malone, and of course the Queen B are just a few of those who have graced the event this 2018. Truly a great kickoff for all the other upcoming music festivals in the US and all over the world.

So assuming that you have already missed Coachella this year, you still need to make it a point to go to next year’s event. Starting today, do your own research about the Coachella 2019’s two-weekend line-up.

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2. Secret Solstice (June 21-24)

Held in Reykjavik, attending the Secret Solstice Music Festival is indeed the perfect excuse to witness the magical time in Iceland when the sun never sets. Besides the amazing sights and noteworthy exclusive side gigs in glaciers and lava tunnels, the Summer Solstice is one hell of a 3-day concert that lets you see artists like Stormzy, Gucci Mane, Clean Bandit, Slayer, Bonnie Tyler perform in the flesh.

3. Summerfest Music Festival (June 27-July 8)

Summerfest may be considered as one of the options that may probably burn a hole in your pockets, but that sure isn’t a good enough reason why you shouldn’t try to attend. This 11-day music festival will be held in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. And with this long length of a line up, without a doubt, it will have something for everyone regardless of all our differences.

Expect to hear every kind of music genre from classic rock, soul, alternative, EDM, pop, and more. You can expect 11 (or more) stages, over 800 acts, more than 1,000 performances and 900 thousand attendees just like yourself. Included in this Midwest event’s hundreds of featured artists are Halsey, Shawn Mendes, and Imagine Dragons.

4. Primavera Sound (May 30-June 3)

This event may already have passed, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t include it to our list of must-see music festivals. Just like Coachella, The Primavera Sound has already gained millions of fans all over the world because of the extraordinary experience it has given many.

This year’s week-long Primavera Sound in Barcelona, Spain featured world-renowned artists like Bjork, Arctic Monkeys, Lorde, and the Migos, among many others. So, if you’ve already planned to go on an early summer European vacation next year, then you might as well book it on the same schedule as Primavera Sound, right? There’ll surely be one again in more or less 11 months.

5. Lollapalooza (August 2-5)

If you still haven’t known, the Lollapalooza being held in Chicago every year sure is a big hit for Americans and even foreigners who are craving for good music, good company, and lots of fun. As a matter of fact, this 4-day event attracts more or less 200,000 fans, hence it’s considered as one of the USA’s biggest annual summer festivals.

Though we can’t bet on the ticket availability, you might still have the opportunity to experience the Lollapalooza this year and witness headliners like Bruno Mars, The Weeknd, Arctic Monkeys. And just like the Tomorrowland music festival in Belgium, Lollapalooza also features famous party DJs just like Dillon Francis, Biz Markie, Twin Peaks and DJ Lani Love. So, no matter what your taste in music is like, whether you are a millennial or not, there’s absolutely no way that you won’t enjoy the Lollapalooza Music Festival.

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6. Montreal Jazz Festival (June 28-July 7)

Hailed last year as the ‘best city centre festival on earth’, the Montreal Jazz Festival is indeed a treat for all jazz-lovers, music festival goers, and many other attendees alike. Because as long as you have the love for music and culture, you’ll truly won’t regret attending this 10-day event. The Montreal Jazz Festival boasts of just about 500 gigs and performances every year. No wonder it attracts thousands and even millions of locals and foreigners to head to the gorgeous city of Montreal, Canada.

With a heady lineup that includes world-class artists like Seal, Herbie Hancock, and Charlotte Gainsbourg, plus Canada’s tasty local cuisine and Quebec’s famous hospitality, we truly can’t find enough reasons to miss a jazz festival like this one.

7. Wireless Festival (July 6-8)

If you’re looking to attend a music festival in Europe, but you’re a bit short on the budget, then why don’t you consider one that will only run for three days? Attend the Wireless Festival in London.

The best thing about this event is that you will not only enjoy a festival that’s stacked with lit hip-hop performances, but you’ll also get to experience the friendly and music-loving culture in London. This three-day fiasco won’t definitely skimp on world-class performances. Expect to see hit making celebrities like DJ Khaled, Stormzy, J. Cole, French Montana, and Big Sean.

8. Sonar Festival (June 14-16)

Yes, yes, this music festival has already passed. But one thing is for sure, this annual event that started 25 years ago surely makes the cut. We’re here to tell you that you should already be preparing your body, mind, soul, and even wallets for next year’s Sonar Festival.

The event boasts of an unconventional format that has seem to have won the hearts of thousands and millions of music lovers all over the world. They are known for spreading dance and electronic acts across two locations and alternating them day and night. There’s truly plenty of room to enjoy Spain and this event.

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9. Ultra Korea (June 8-10)

The Korean entertainment scene has indeed taken the whole world by storm these past few years. From K-drama, to K-fashion, K-beauty, and K-pop, we all are guilty of giving in to at least one them, including Korean food. So if you are thinking of heading to one of the hottest spots in Asia, then plan it well and don’t miss the chance to attend Ultra Korea’s festivities.

Ultra Korea has been running for 7 years, and indeed, it just keeps getting better and better. Besides their local K-pop scene, many top-tier EDM international artists head to Seoul and perform their hearts out just like Axwell, Gavid Guetta, Ingrosso, and The Chainsmokers. So if this kind of world-class lineup still doesn’t entice you then maybe you should start thinking about unlimited BBQ, soju, beauty products, karaoke, dog cafes and kimchi.

10. Fuji Rock Festival (July 27-29)

Considered as one of the most visited countries in Asia, Japan surely won’t get left behind when it comes to world-class music festivals. First off, don’t let its billing fool you because even though it’s a ‘rock festival’, this three-day music event in Niigata Prefecture Japan, actually features a great lineup that spans other different genres including pop and EDM.

Just before you go and book that ticket for next month, you might also want to prepare yourselves for the trek that’s waiting for you – yes, there’s a trek in between each of the Fuji Rock Festival’s 7 stages. Craving for music, culture, food, and adventure? Then this music festival in Japan won’t ever disappoint you.

We can go on and on in providing you reasons why these 10 music festivals are worth your attention, time, and money. In order for you to know what the buzz is all about, all you have to do is go and experience these music festivals for yourself. Don’t worry about the hassles along the way. Just go with it and embrace the fact that attending a music festival is a great chance for you to experience life in its fullest – YOLO right?