In the era of the internet, we’re witnessing more long distance dating than ever. And it’s really no surprise. Not only are millennials aware of the fact that they can live and work anywhere in the world, but the use of various social networks and apps allow them to meet their soulmates and stay in touch with them even when they live across the world from each other. 

For some, this is a problem, but others find ways to make it work and have meaningful and quality relationships without being physically close all of the time. If you want to know their secret and learn from their experiences, here are some of the best tips they can give you.

Figure out your communication dynamics

The way your long distance dating develops often relies on how frequently and how well you communicate with your partner. That’s why, when it comes to communication, you should be honest and straightforward with your partner, letting them know exactly what you need and expect from them, and then hear them out while they tell you about their own wishes and needs. Even though you may be desperate for that daily hour-long video chat, your partner could only be up for it a few times a week and is more than satisfied with texting and a short phone call every day. 

This is something you need to be clear about from the beginning so that there are no surprises for either of you. Plus, it’s important that you don’t overdo it. Too much communication can actually hurt your relationship, since you might end up bored, talking about things that don’t really interest you, you may interrupt your partner while they’re working or hanging out with their friends, or you could even get sick and tired of talking to each other altogether. The key is in moderation and finding balance, which is something you can both work on.

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Maintain intimacy

Just because you’re not physically together all of the time, it doesn’t mean that you can’t be intimate with your partner and that you can’t keep your passion alive in other ways. Put some effort into keeping your long distance relationship interesting and strong by doing little things, such as sending each other hand-written short letters or romantic notes with straight-from-the-heart words of love. Even if it’s just through online messages, always express the intensity of your emotions through words, since long-distance relationship don’t allow you to do it through touch and body language. When your partner knows you love them and miss them, you’ll provide them with the reassurance that what they feel is reciprocated. 

Millennial Magaizne- long distance datingFurthermore, as sex is a vital part of most relationships, you should feel comfortable enough to exchange some dirty and flirty texts, as well as sexy video calls whenever you feel like it. That’s one way to get that audio and visual stimulation from your partner. Add to that the use of some fun and exciting adult toys, and you’ll find it’s possible to satisfy each other’s sexual appetites despite the fact you can’t actually reach each other.

Do things together

It’s normal for couples to spend time together, doing some everyday things that help them bond and get to know each other better. Fortunately, modern technology has made it possible for you and your partner to do the same, even when you’re thousands of miles apart. Schedule date nights when you’ll use Skype or a similar app to have a romantic dinner together, watch a film or even have a bubble bath and a video chat at the same time. 

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You can even do something as simple as cooking a meal simultaneously, having a cup of coffee before work or going shopping and buying a few small, but significant gifts for each other. You can even find something you’re both interested in learning and take an online course together. Just be creative and you’ll see that there are many possibilities of nurturing closeness regardless of your location.

Make plans for your relationship

Having a common goal that you’re both working towards achieving and knowing the direction in which you expect your long distance dating to go can make things much clearer for both of you. That’s why making plans is something you should do together. Whether you’re planning a couple’s vacation, the next time you’re going to visit each other, or even when you’re going to get married and have a family, it’s crucial that your minds are in the same place. Again, communication is the key to staying afloat, rather than leaving room for doubts and wrong assumptions, which can lead to one or both of you feeling confused, disappointed or betrayed. 

On a lower scale, you can plan when to have phone calls or video chats, so that you have something to look forward to throughout your day or week. Finally, if you can’t wait to see each other, but the drive from your home to your partner’s is too long, you can meet somewhere in the middle. Plan the time and the place where you’ll meet, and not only will you be thrilled about finally being together, but you’ll also get a chance to be tourists in a new city or a town.

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The final thought would be that long distance dating is undeniably doable. If you truly love someone, you don’t have to end your relationship and go through emotional torture. Instead, you can keep the flames between you burning from afar until the circumstances change and you can be together physically as well.