Are you planning a destination bachelorette party for your best friend, but perhaps looking for something a little different? With these outdoor ideas and travel tips, you can organize an unforgettable time for the bride-to-be.

Whether the bachelorette is a nature lover, an adrenaline junkie, or simply loves soaking up the sun, there are plenty of ways you can celebrate outdoors. You could book a trip to a fabulous destination, or look for hidden gems near you. There are fun options to suit any budget. Here are fifteen ideas for the outdoorsy bachelorette. 

Hire a boat

You could rent a party boat together that comes with a professional captain, so you can relax and enjoy the views. You can even get catering on board and enjoy living the life of luxury for the day.

Check out this boat hire company on Lake Travis, for example. It’s 30mins from downtown Austin, Texas. The boats also come with fun attachments such as slides and lily pads, so you can even jump into the water. If you’re interested in booking a boat party, you can learn more here.


Glamping is essential camping with added glamor and luxury. There are plenty of destinations all over the world. If the bride-to-be loves getting in touch with the great outdoors, then this could be an ideal weekend away for her.

You can also enjoy creature comforts in the evening after spending the day out in nature. If you’re planning on hiking or other activities, here are a few safety tips for camping

Whale watching

If the bachelorette has a passion for nature you could even go and see wildlife in its natural habitat. Check out the best whale watching destinations in the US, for example. There are plenty of locations around the country and you can choose how far you want to travel.

You could also combine it with a trip to the beach to relax afterward. Do your research first and find out which time of year is best to see whales at your chosen destination. 

Hot air balloon ride

Riding in a hot air balloon can be the experience of a lifetime, as long as you or the bride isn’t afraid of heights. You could go abroad to popular places like Cappadocia, Turkey, or even opt for a peaceful balloon ride in Napa valley.

Why not go wine tasting afterward at one of their spectacular vineyards? If the bride-to-be is a budding sommelier, you can learn plenty about local wines and sampling the best grapes.


Or, you could go one step up from wine tasting and fly to Italy for a bit of agriturismo. This is essentially a combination of learning about farming and a beautiful vacation in the country. Popular destinations include Umbria and Tuscany.

You can stay at a gorgeous farmhouse and find out more about the local agriculture. This will usually involve sampling some delicious local produce and meeting friendly people. If you’re looking to go abroad for your bachelorette party, it’s definitely something different to check off your bucket list. 

Rent a vintage moto

If it’s always been a dream of the bride-to-be to travel to Europe, you could also consider renting a vintage moto at the Four Seasons in Lisbon. This will be a unique experience, but it’s not for the faint-hearted.

Ensure you know how to ride a motorbike and that whoever is driving is fully licensed. These vintage bikes are quirky and fun as they come with a sidecar, so you whizz around the city together.

Hot springs hiking trails

For something a little bit calmer you could check out local national park hiking trails. There are plenty of them all over the country that lead to luxurious hot springs. After getting a bit of fresh air and exercise you can relax in one of these natural spas.

It’s the perfect way to de-stress and feel rejuvenated before the wedding. If you don’t want to travel far you could look for areas of natural beauty near you. A day out hiking is a simple yet great way to spend time together and bond. You could even pack a picnic to enjoy amongst the local flora and fauna.

Explore hidden gems in your city

If you’re planning a staycation for the bachelorette party, try exploring your city as a tourist. There are always hidden gems to explore if you look hard enough and you might just learn something about your town’s history and culture. Why not treat yourselves to the fancier restaurants and bars you might not normally go to afterward? 

Camel trek

Alternatively, for something a little more exotic you could plan a camel trek across the desert to a Moroccan camp, for example. Enjoy a night of glamping after riding across the stunning Agafay desert, and taking in the amazing sights, sounds, and smells.

This camp in particular is spectacular because it’s perfectly integrated into the natural environment that surrounds it. You can find similar places around the world. Camping in the desert will be an experience you’ll never forget and it will help you gain a new perspective and achieve inner peace.

Outdoor wellness retreat

Wellness retreats are still trending at the moment because more people want to combine their vacation with activities that benefit their health and well-being.

You could look for some of the best wellness retreats in the US that offer outdoor activities so you can get in touch with nature, followed by an evening at the spa. Treat the bride-to-be to a bit of pampering before the big day. She’ll definitely appreciate it. Alternatively, you could bring the spa home if you don’t want to travel and DIY a few luxury treatments together with some snacks and champagne.


For a unique day out with the girls, why not join in the world’s biggest treasure hunt? Geocaching is an international activity, where hidden treasures, or geocaches, are left for you to discover. There’s an app you can download with a map to help you find geocaches near you.

Once you find the hidden treasures you can share your experience with others online. If the bachelorette enjoys solving puzzles, then this is a good idea for her. It’s also very budget-friendly as it’s free to join the geocaching community. You can find out more from the official website

Throw a garden party

If you’d prefer to stay at home you could throw the bride-to-be a fabulous garden party. Set up a marquee and some outdoor lighting to create a magical atmosphere. To make it a fancier affair, you could even set a dress code, order food and drinks, and even play some garden party games.

This is a pretty convenient and economic option, especially if most of her friends and family are local. You can choose how much you want to spend and organize the activities to suit the interests of the bachelorette. 


Paintballing is a popular activity for bachelor and bachelorette parties alike. If your friend is a bit of a thrill-seeker then this could be the ideal day out for her. Check with the rest of the group beforehand to make sure they’re up for it, as paintballing can get pretty wild.

It’s something unique to try for the bachelorette party, however, as it’s not normally an activity people do everyday. Some of the sights are pretty impressive to see as well. Check out a few of the world’s best paintball fields to give you an idea. You can go paintballing on vacation or for the day near your home.


Go-karting is another cool option for the adventure-seeking bachelorette. It’s fun for kids and adults alike, and you don’t need a driver’s license to do it.

You can choose to ride around the track or race, there are also places that offer off-road quad-biking, if you’d rather something a little more extreme. It’s a fun group activity and you can go for just an afternoon near you, or include it as part of your travel itinerary on vacation. There are plenty of places that offer go-karting specially designed for bachelorette parties you can check out.

Rooftop bar

After all these exhilarating outdoor activities, relax and enjoy the views at one of the most stunning rooftop bars in the world. This list includes a range of destinations and options to suit any budget, or you could book a rooftop bar near you.

Treat yourselves to elegant cocktails while looking over the city. There’s no better way to end a bachelorette party than with fabulous drinks, great vibes, and epic views. Experience a bird’s eye view of historic landmarks and everyday city life. 

Whichever type of bachelorette party you plan, try to make it align with the interests of the bride. This way you’ll be able to organize the perfect itinerary for her. The important thing is that it’s a moment to remember, and don’t forget to take plenty of photos. You’ll end up cherishing these memories forever.