Are you a high school student or a recent high school graduate who believes that you are too young to have a resume? Have these popular statements?

  • A resume is only for job seekers.
  • A resume is only for adults.

Have you ever heard or do you believe those statements? Well, I’m glad to tell you that the above statements are some misconceptions being thrown around about resumes.

Many young persons believe we should only write resumes when they are needed. Perhaps in the future when you are applying for a job. If you hold any of those opinions, then it’s time for you to let them go. This article contains reasons you should write your resume while in high school.

A resume is a professional document that includes your personal information, education, accomplishments, qualifications, skills, experience, and awards. Your resume shows who you are and what you can do. It gives hints on how you are building your career.

Reasons You Need To Write Your Resume While In High School

It makes you stand out when making college applications

Admission into college is becoming more competitive every year. Thousands of applicants want exactly what you want, which is admission into that prestigious school. Know that the more prestigious the college is, the more qualified your application should be. Application forms, personal essays, transcripts, letters of recommendation, and resumes are some things you need for college applications.

Although the resume is not a guarantee that they will hand you that admission on a silver platter, yet, you need to find out what it takes to write a high school resume because it raises your chances of being selected among several other applications, and

It serves as an addendum when you are applying for scholarships:

A scholarship is like a helping hand that could save you a lot. Many colleges offer scholarships where you can apply, get selected, and get funded throughout your college years.

It is an important marketing tool you can use to sell yourself:

We now live in a world where it’s not only about the books and it’s not about who you know. It’s now about using what you know, to do what you can so you can place yourself in a position where you can be easily found.

Have you ever heard the statement ‘Sell yourself’? Not like candy in a sweet shop but like telling us about you professionally and about the strengths that you can use to impact society. Your resume is a written statement for marketing aka ‘selling yourself’.

An outstanding high school resume could pave the way for scholarships and even job opportunities for you:

Resumes are not only for adults, jobs are not only for adults too. Modernization has impressed the fact that age doesn’t matter in opportunities. Skilled young people are taking up positions and doing things that people older than them aren’t. Your skills and resume could lead to a job offer even before you get into college!

Things To Note When Writing A Resume

Make it concise

A resume is not the place for flowery language. Avoid being wordy and do not go all Shakespeare in your resume. It is better to write it simply and concisely, that is the standard.

Make sure you use correct grammar

Poor grammar is a total turnoff in a resume. No matter how qualified and outstanding you are, one incorrectly written sentence can reduce your chances of being selected.

State only necessary details

Your resume should include your major and outstanding activities written clearly. Avoid addition of irrelevancies and avoid repetition.

Use the right font

A good resume is readable. Do not use fonts that are going to get people squinting when they are about to read your resume.

Be honest

Your resume should sound honest and shouldn’t contain impossible-to-believe achievements like you fought Superman on Krypton. Honesty will take you farther than fabricated accomplishments.

Be humble

An arrogant or self-infatuated resume will put off the interviewer. We advise a humble tone for your resume and application. Don’t sound too modest, or too conceited. Find the balance.

Information that should be included in a resume

  • Your personal information like name, date of birth, address, and email.
  • Skills
  • Education
  • Work experience which includes events you have attended or relevant activities you’ve done
  • Interests and achievements

Don’t wait until the last day of high school before you write your resume. Don’t wait until they require your resume before you put words together. Start early Start now.