How many lucky people do you know who wake up on Monday morning and are eager to head to the office? And are you among those lucky few that can claim to be the boss? The truth is, we often choose the direction of our education without clearly understanding what we want to do in life and what our calling may be. Once adulthood kicks in and we start actually getting a taste of real life and real jobs, the process of developing our own professional palate begins – and too often, we realize we’re not where we want to be and that we’d rather be a boss.

Thankfully, today you’re anything but limited when it comes to career options and education. You can start and run your own business, and it’s easier than it has ever been, and you can turn a hobby into a lucrative career path instead of sticking to your college degree. If you want to be the boss, here are a few handy tips for finding that path that suits you the most!

Give your passion a purpose

We have all kinds of preferences in life, but finding your passion is no easy task. If you already know what it is, then you need to find the best role for your passion in your life, and its potential to give you a lucrative career. For example, if you’re passionate about painting and art, would you prefer a digital career, such as that of a graphic designer, or working within the gaming industry, or as a professional painter? The odds of succeeding and earning an income from the last on the list are slim if you’re not truly extraordinary, while the previous two offer great opportunities.

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The bottom line is, it’s not just about the passion, it’s also about finding that passion’s real-life expression that will both make you happy and make you money. Give yourself some time to explore your options and to determine which solution could bring you the joy you’re searching for. 

Build a support system for your new path

As a Millennial, you’re likely entering a new stage of your life, either by starting a family, wrapping up your college education, or something similar that is further inspiring you to find a stable source of income that will also bring you joy. You’re analytical by nature, you like diversity, and you like the idea of letting your money work for you? If you have your own little nest egg, all the more reason to consider real estate, just like many other Millennials today. 

However, when there’s such a massive investment at stake, you need to invest in a support system of tools and solutions that will help your analytical mind make the most of your hefty investment. For instance, using a cloud-based property management system is a great way to keep everything under control, from managing your tenants, taking care of the rent, setting up inspections, all the way to legal compliance and accounting. Such tools take the hassle out of the process so that you can actually enjoy developing your inner manager eager to earn a living! 

Know your market and your audience

Unlike the growing real estate market, not every industry offers equal potential for your professional growth. That said, you shouldn’t abandon your dreams without doing your research and trying to find out how exactly your skills and passion fit into a certain market, and if you can offer something unique to your potential target audience. 

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Another piece of the puzzle? Your competition. You need to understand the current makeup of the supply-demand cycle so that you can spot a gap in the market where you can fill a specific need. For example, if you’d love to be a chef, and your city already has a dozen of Italian restaurants, you could consider an alternative cooking direction, such as specializing in Japanese cuisine, baked goods, or creating a catering company for kids’ birthday parties. 

Check and obtain the needed qualifications

Alas, passion is not a box to tick that will impress your customers. To be the boss, you need to make sure you have something to show for your abilities. While it doesn’t have to be a college degree, you should look into education, certification and licensing for your particular expertise that will allow your customers to find you trustworthy and enhance their loyalty in the future. 

Find courses and workshops, as well as approved and official ways to get the education and training you need to not just perfect your skills to build a career out of your passion, but also to build your reputation as an authority in the industry of your choice. For example, another career path popular among Millennials is fitness, whether in the form of a nutritionist, a personal trainer, or anything in between. For such a career to work, you need to make sure you not only have the passion and the skills, but the personal trainer certification or necessary qualifications to ensure your clients they are in good hands. You could study alongside your current role so that you can support yourself financially while you wait to go out on your own.

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Level up! Be the Boss

Life is rarely a straight line of consecutive decisions that make perfect sense and that seamlessly lead us towards our calling. When you find yourself wanting to change your professional path and use your passion as the foundation of your success, you can make it work in this colorful world of ours – just use these tips to make sure your long and winding road towards success is based on research, smart choices, and constant learning.