If you are an artist, you might be dreaming about making a living off your creativity and doing what you love doing. It is a competitive marketplace, and you have to find your ideal niche who resonates with your work. Once you start getting commissions, however, it might be time to take your art business to the next level and find a way to improve your lifestyle and get your work out there more. Below you will find a few tips on how to get started. 

The Power of Social Media 

The cheapest and easiest way of getting into markets is by running social media promotions. You might decide to rely on organic growth only, and artists do really well on visual platforms, such as Instagram. You might need to get a professional to create a sales funnel and engagement campaign on social media that will help you create awareness and interest. Social media is a cost effective way of showcasing your talent. 

Confidence Training 

One of the main issues artists face is that they tend to undervalue their work. If you are suffering from self sabotage and the imposter syndrome, you will never be able to scale up your business. It is crucial that you get a business or personal development coach to help you shift your paradigm and start believing in your own abilities and values. 

Dropping the Boring Admin Stuff 

If there is one thing that can make you fed up with running your business, it might be the boring admin stuff. Once you are ready to go out there and face the world, you will need to choose the things you would like to do, and get other people to deal with the low level stuff. You can get a virtual assistant who will stay on top of your appointments and help you grow without having to crunch numbers all the time. Outsourcing can help you focus on what really helps you improve your business. 

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Reputation Management 

Once you get known by your target market, you will have to face hostility from people who might envy your success, or simply like being a troll. If most of your marketing is carried out on social media, it is crucial that you invest in managing your reputation, so you can avoid people giving you a bad name. You can get a company to keep an eye on your brand, or simply sign up for online alerts to get notified whenever your brand is mentioned. 

Time To Be Taken Seriously

It is crucial that you work on your mindset and take yourself seriously before you can expect other people to do the same. That is why you might want to create a real business, instead of just being a freelance artist. You can get in touch with a formation agent Your Company Formations to find out which incorporation method would be the most suitable for your circumstances. 

Being an artist doesn’t mean that you need to earn just enough to live on. You can turn your passion into business if you are serious enough.