Unveil your inner glowing goddess with the magical energy of Priya Apotheca. Empowering your mind, body and soul, this nurturing self-care line will open you up into a dimension of holistic love. Priya Apotheca invites you to cultivate a sense of presence through intentional morning and evening self care rituals. With their products, slow down and move with a sense of grounding within yourself and our beloved Mother Earth.
Feel your senses fully engaged and reach a deeper level of consciousness. Breathe in the magical, sacred scents of lavender, frankincense, clary sage and rose geranium. Through mantra frequencies and tones of Tibetan sound bowls, these products are intentionally infused with unique energy. As the word “Priya” conveys “Beloved”, this self-care line honors the creation of energy. Bless your body into a higher realm of receptivity. 

People To Planet with Priya Apotheca

Making you more beautiful while giving love to our planet, Priya Apotheca encompasses a holistic product line. Beautify your mind, body and soul while synergistically giving back to our planet. Certainly, thoughtful intention is crafted into each of Priya’s ingredient choices, product packaging and social partnerships.
Priya proudly excludes these harmful toxins from their production:        
  • GMO’S
  • Silicones
  • Synthetic Fragrances
  • Petrochemicals (mineral oils, petrolatum or their derivative)
  • Parabens, formaldehyde donor or halogenated preservatives
  • Artificial colorants
  • Triethanolamine (TEA)
  • Sulfate surfactants (sodium lauryl/ laureth sulphate, Ammonium lauryl/ laureth sulphate etc.)
  • Sunscreens
  • Butylated compounds (BHT)
  • Animal derived ingredients

Awaken with Morning Bliss

First, begin your day with self-love and gratitude by lathering on Priya’s silky, sweet Bliss Renewal Serum. With two pumps, feel a tingling energy rejuvenate thirsty pores throughout your face. This smoothing serum feels weightless on your skin as it nourishes you with a fast-absorbing botanical cocktail. First, collagen boosting apple saccharides, hyaluronic acid and peptides, enrich your skin to gently diminish any fine lines.
Next, the addition of sacred plants such as Ginkgo, Ginger and Carrot Seed beautify your skin with powerful cell activation. Importantly, these phospholipids and vitamins are known for maximizing hydration and preventing moisture loss. Feel present and grounded with each inhale. Calming scents of Frankincense and Clary Sage will uplift your morning spirit as Priya’s signature CBD delivers an ageless, blemish-free complexion. 

Revival with Phyto Metamorphosis Creme Radiance

Nourishing dry skin while supporting natural rejuvenation, this vitamin-rich botanical soufflé will take your Sunday night of self-care to new heights. First, Priya’s blend of Chamomile, Helichrysum and Black Cumin Seed will leave your skin feeling hydrated and radiant. Next, their Meadow Foam Oil and Hokum Butter will restore and fortify natural lipid barriers deep within your skin to prevent moisture loss.
Finally, the power of terpene-rich, full spectrum, organically grown, hemp-derived CBD will supercharge your Monday meetings with ageless radiance. Treat yourself to warm, tingling sensations by applying a dime-sized dab at your fingertips and inhale the divine scents of Rose Geranium. Importantly, Priya recommends listening to your unique biorhythms. Experiment with usage of 1-2x per day. For those with oily skin, you may want to savor this treat for 1-2x per week. 

Open & Transform with Beloved Beauty Potion

Become the best version of yourself with the magical energy of Priya’s beloved internal tincture. This holistic formula is thoughtfully designed to bring you homeostasis while renewing your life force. Importantly, the powerful adaptogens of Schizandra, Burdock, Goji, He Sho Woo, and Cacao work synergistically with full spectrum, organically grown, hemp-derived CBD to deeply restore your mind, body and skin.
Open yourself up to a deeper sense of spiritual nature and awareness with the addition of 1 dropper twice a day in water or your favorite tea. Presence and appreciation will flow into your life as you feel the spiritual plant medicines work with you. Above all, these will combat fatigue, amplify cognition, alleviate your stress and evoke a relaxing state of well-being to lower your body’s inflammatory response. To achieve maximum benefits, enjoy this tincture each evening and morning to awaken your rested body.
Bless your life with meaningful moments of empowerment within one’s self. Ritual is an art form from which we enter a state of timelessness and sculpt an expansion of ourselves. Priya Apotheca is handcrafted with unique, ritualistic infusions that will give you radiant beauty and holistic vitality. Lovingly nurture your mind, body and soul with this magical self-care line and fall in love with your newfound glowing goddess self. 

Moment of Magic with a Priya Apotheca Mantra

The more sacred moments you give yourself the more you tell your YOUniverse: “I love myself and I’m open to the magic that is flowing in in every moment.”