If you are interested in vaping cannabis, but are brand new to the effects, LucidMood is a product you should try! With a motto of “Elevate Your Mood Without Clouding Your Mind”, this experience is primarily for the “novice.”

Each disposable vape pen, or a  “sipper” as the company calls them, is 40% THC, 40% CBD and 20% terpenes, creating a “balanced high,” and only lasted about 60 minutes after approximately 13 inhalations.  Don’t expect a body or head high…it’s just a feeling.

One great feature about this product is it’s built-in timer. It tells you when to stop inhaling by flashing the illuminated lotus (located on the opposite end of the pen), and if you keep pulling it automatically shuts off.  Often times, you can inhale from a vaporizer,  bong or wax pen and the hit can be too harsh- leaving your lungs to feel like concrete. But LucidMood avoids this issue, by indicating when to stop inhaling.

LucidMood’s intention is also to control your high. You won’t experience the negatives that are often associated with cannabis consumption such as cotton mouth, paranoia or the feeling of being too relaxed. BUT you also won’t feel the positives that comes with flower either,  like uncontrollable laughter, euphoria, ecstasy (at times) or becoming a scholar only Socrates could relate to.

Expect each pen to last about 55-60 inhalations, so depending on tolerance levels, each pen could last 1-30 days.

Below is a list of PROS vs CONS that we found from the experience:                                     

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  • Discreet
  • Small
  • Cute
  • Terpens
  • No choking/coughing
  • Built-in timer
  • Focus
  • Controlled
  • Chemical free
  • Light
  • Clean
  • Travel friendly
  • 55-60 inhalations


  • Not for experienced stoners
  • No actual flower
  • Tip gets hot while smoking
  • No uncontrollable laughter
  • No euphoric feeling
  • Leaves you waiting for “something”
  • Moods don’t translate
  • Can’t get any higher
  • Controlled

To learn more about LucidMood visit LucidMood.net