Body confidence is such a big part of daily life. It can affect your mood if you are not feeling good about your body so changing up these five thoughts and physical steps will help you.


Having a strong mindset will allow you to feel confident about your body on the inside and outside. This is something that takes time. Everyone morning, try thinking of five things that you love about your body. This will start the day in a gratifying way so start with a positive mindset. Over time this will be an automatic activity to start the day the right way. 

Ignore social media

Social media is becoming a big part of our lives. If you are struggling with self motivation and confidence then logging out of social media for a little while will instantly stop you from comparing yourself to unrealistic models. Everybody is different so you will be able to set your own goals and own body shape.

Find a workout you love 

When you are looking to getting shredded quick you need to find a workout routine you love. This way you will instantly feel motivated to go to the gym and work hard towards your goals. If you are struggling to find the routine for you then ask your gym instructor to find you the one for you as they will take in consideration what you would like to improve to boost your body confidence. 


When you are looking for a bit of a boost in your body confidence it can be a good idea to moisturize your whole body every night. Look for moisturizers with vitamin C in as this will help with brightening the skin. When your skin looks better and brighter you will look more radiant. If you can, use a body scrub to rub off the dead skin cells before you moisturize as it will allow your skin to come to life. 

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Clothing choices 

Choosing certain clothing items will improve your body shape. If you are looking to create an illustration that your waist is smaller then add a belt to an outfit or wear strips that are horizontal as this will draw the eye down making you look slimmer. Certain colors can affect how you look so experiment with various shades and colors as you will notice what makes you feel more confident in your body as you will automatically walk taller and feel good about yourself. 

Hopefully with this guide you will be able to feel more confident in your body every day. Practice self gratitude and think of the best parts of your body. Turn off social media will allow you to avoid the constant worry of having to keep up with unnatural body shapes and sizes. Adding vitamin C into your moisturizing routine will allow your body to have a natural glow and radiance to your skin so it will look better. If you are struggling with what clothes suit you best then visiting a personal shopper can help you to decide what clothing items show off your best parts as well as creating an illusion that the other part of your body look good too.