Essential Items that Every New Mother Should Have to Make Her Life Easier

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Babies – they’re cute and adorable but looking after them is a full-time job. Ask any new parent, especially moms, and they’ll tell you about countless hours of missed sleep with dark-circles as proof. Anything that can make looking after a baby easier is an absolute godsend for a new mum. Here is a list of must-have items that every new mother should have to make her life easier.

Baby Carrier

Taking care of a new baby while simultaneously trying to get all those household chores done can be hard especially when your baby fusses and likes to be cradled. A baby carrier is a must-have for any new mom. It doesn’t just allow for increased mobility, but also frees up your hands and lets you accomplish all those tasks. Unless you have an army of servants that tend to your every need, you’ll be grateful to have this item. You can channel your inner super-mom and get things done faster without neglecting the baby. Look for a baby carrier that has a sleek, simple design, is lightweight, and comes with an adjustable strap that allows for a comfortable fit.

Breast Pump

Babies like to be fed – a lot. An average baby would want milk around every 1 to 3 hours. Compared to formula milk, breast milk is way healthier for the baby. It contains essential nutrients required for growth and immunity and can make your baby smarter. It’s also good for the baby’s tummy, as it provides natural immunity against gastrointestinal infections.

Of course, breastfeeding all the time means isn’t always feasible, especially for working moms. A lot of new mothers struggle with feeding their babies regularly, and that’s where an electric breast pump comes in handy. Mommies in Australia tend to know that it’s best to look into reviews, especially when it comes to finding the best electric breast pump available in Australia so that the process is comfortable and that you get sufficient amounts of milk for your little one. Make sure that you look into reviews for pumps that are available in your areas as well. They allow mum to extract their breast milk and store it for later use. So even if the baby is with another caregiver, the baby can still benefit from nutrition present in breast milk.

Breast Pump Bag

As a career-mom, you might not always find time to breastfeed your baby. However, returning to work after maternity shouldn’t mean an end to breastfeeding. A stylish mini breast pump bag allows you to carry your breast pump and accessories anywhere. Ideally, It should come with an insulated breast milk cooler pocket that allows perfect temperature for storage. So even if you’re a few hours away from the baby, the breast milk will stay fresh in the storage pocket. You can also charge your device anywhere thanks to its convenient USB charging port. (You’ll have to buy your own power bank though). Thanks to its versatile design, you can also repurpose the bag as a travel bag, diaper back, or just a cool backpack for hiking.

Baby Monitor

Baby monitors are quickly becoming a staple in every modern parent’s must-haves.

A video baby monitor lets you check on your baby in real-time even when you are yards away. Whether you’re in the kitchen or in another room doing household tasks, you can go on about your day with peace of mind knowing that the baby monitor is there to help. Look for a High resolution, color screen so that you can see your baby’s every single move, and you’ll feel like you’re virtually present with the baby.

The best options often come with a talk-back intercom, so you can soothe and calm the baby with your voice. You can track the temperature in the nursery as well, and make sure that the baby is cozy and comfortable.

Baby Car Seat

Baby car seats are essential if you plan on having a baby on board. Car accidents are a leading cause of death for children, and you don’t want your baby to be a part of that statistic. While selecting a car seat, take your child’s weight into consideration and make sure it meets all the relevant safety standards.

Parenting Books

If you’re a first-time mum and don’t have the wisdom of your elders to guide you, you might want to pick a copy of a best-selling parenting book to guide you. There are plenty of options that can cater to every concern that you may have, so make sure that you do a bit of book hunting because they really do help a lot.

Baby’s first year can be incredibly overwhelming and challenging and a good parenting book comes with friendly, practical parenting advice that will make this journey a lot easier. Babies don’t come with an instruction manual, but this is as close it gets. You’ll learn about baby feeding, potty-training, supplements to get for the baby, recommendations on weaning, guidelines on screen-time, and all other hot-issues in everyday parenting. An absolute worth read that deserves to be in every new mother’s kindle and book-shelf!

Being a new mum is tough, but with the help of these items, you can make your life easier and less stressful. You’re going to have to navigate your way through this experience, and you will learn as you go, but having the essentials will certainly help build a solid foundation as you venture out on this incredible journey.

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Written by Dallas Dorrall

Dallas Dorrall is passionate about music and is living her dream managing and promoting Nashville/Muscle Shoals based Country Music Artist, Johnny Collier, currently touring the US. While traveling, she enjoys reviewing new artists, restaurants and nightclubs. Dallas is crazy about her family and friends and attributes her enthusiasm for life to a quote by Marianne Williamson (which she still reads every day) entitled “Our Deepest Fear”.

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