At this time of year, many people look forward to hosting a BBQ and inviting friends, family, and neighbors over to enjoy good food and some fun. Spending time in the garden enjoying BBQ food in the sunshine has become a real tradition for many during the summer months. It is also a great way of catching up with some of the friends and family members you may not have had the chance to see for a while.

Of course, you need to decide what type of food you will purchase for your BBQ, as there is so much choice available these days. A good mix of different types of BBQ food is a good idea so you can cater for everyone. In addition, don’t forget to cater for any vegetarians or vegans that may be coming. Remember not to make their food on the same grill as the meat is cooked on, as this is something that many will object to.

Sorting out your drinks 

You also need to make sure you sort out drinks for your summer BBQ, and one great option is to serve up chilled, delicious cocktails in addition to the usual beer and wine. There are some fabulous cocktails you can make with ease these days, and these are perfect for your event. This includes refreshing Long Island iced tea or delicious Espresso Martini. By creating cocktails for your guests, you can provide them with an even more unforgettable experience as they relax and enjoy the summer sunshine in your garden.

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The first thing to do when you are sorting out your cocktail menu for your BBQ is to pull up some recipes, which you can find with speed and ease online. Make as variety a selection of cocktails as possible so that you can cater for all of your guests, as everyone has different tastes when it comes to things like cocktails. Also, remember that there may be people there who are driving and cannot drink or who simply do not like to drink. With this in mind, you need to make sure you add some non-alcoholic cocktail recipes to your list.

Once you have developed your list of recipes, you can get to work on a shopping list of what drinks and mixers you need to buy. When writing your list, make sure you add extras such as ice, cocktail decorations, and other extras that you may need. You will also need to make sure you have a blender and cocktail shaker so you can create your cocktail masterpieces.

If you want to add a great finishing touch to your BBQ, you could even type out and print a list of cocktail options like a menu for your guests. Make sure you include the ingredients underneath the cocktail name so people know what it contains. Guests can then simply choose what cocktails they want to try and you can get to work creating a sumptuous masterpiece for them to enjoy.