You are probably not happy with your smile, and that’s why you found this article. One of the things that make our smile dull is the discoloring of the teeth. This is caused by either lifestyle changes or infections of the mouth. It’s caused by taking some food types, drinks, and even some mouthwashes. To some individuals, discoloration happens as they age. Brightening your face means checking on your teeth, which affects your smile. This article will discuss some of the approved ways of brightening your smile. Some of these practices require you to get out of your daily routine. Here are the tips.

1. Limit Added Sugars

We all enjoy the sweetness of sugar, especially if we don’t know its effects on our bodies. If you are a health-conscious person, you understand how excess sugar is bad for your health. Taking anything with added sugar builds acids in your mouth. How does this happen? The sugar combines with the active bacteria in your mouth, producing an acid that starts destroying your teeth. When the teeth are invaded, they lose their color, thus dampening your smile. At least everything nowadays has a sugar composition, including the ‘healthy’ fruits and vegetables. Not all sugars are harmful, though. You should try as much to avoid processed foods such as sodas, cookies, candies, and anything else that has processed sugar on it. The more you will keep off sugary foods, the better.

2. Do-It-Yourself Teeth Whitening

If the damage to discoloring your teeth has already occurred, you don’t have to worry about rushing to the dentist to perform teeth whitening. There are several ways you can do whitening at home and achieve the best results. However, not all whitening methods are safe. The dentists don’t yet approve of some actions like using charcoal. Some of the effective procedures to whiten your teeth include using special whitening kits, which you can buy and use at home. These kits are easy to use, painless, and give faster results. Besides the kits, you can use recommended toothpaste to brush your teeth. Other methods include rinses, strips, and other traditional teeth whitening methods.

3. Visit A Dentist

Sometimes, you might be suffering from a dental disease that discolors your teeth, affecting your smile. You cannot treat a dental disease at home. It is essential to visit a renowned dentist and get some treatment, including fixing dents and aligning the dental formula. The dentist will recommend steps to take to improve your smile and might give you some products which you can use to improve the situation. They will answer all your questions and also suggest some appointments to monitor the situation. When you feel you have dental disease, it’s better to visit a dentist before using other procedures to lighten your teeth. If you need a good recommendation, find out more about deep teeth cleaning with this dentist in Charlotte now.

4. Brushing Harder May Worsen The Situation

You have probably seen people trying to brush harder to make their teeth cleaner and whiter. All this is done to improve one’s smile. While brushing is recommended at all times, you don’t have to overdo it since you might damage your teeth enamel. This exposes your tooth to corrosives and other stains, which discolor your teeth further. You can do moderate brushing and also flossing your teeth maximally twice a day. Always apply moderate pressure when doing so to protect your teeth.

5. Eat The Right Foods

Do you know some foods that help to clean and maintain our teeth? Some foods make our teeth stronger and our smiles more pronounced. Which are these food types? There are vegetables, including celery and cauliflower, which ‘wash’ the teeth when eating them. Some of these vegetables enhance saliva production, which helps to neutralize acids. You can also take hard cheese, which helps in scrubbing food particles in the mouth. If you need something sweeter, you can consider oranges and strawberries, which help polish the teeth.

6. Smoking Is Bad

You might be eating well, brushing your teeth well, and undergoing some dental procedures to whiten your teeth. What about your habits? Are you still smoking? If you are still taking the smoke, you are doing injustices to your teeth and smile combined. Tobacco has some stubborn stains which damage the teeth enamel, making your mouth dull. The more you smoke tobacco, the more you lose the smile. Smoking also causes gum diseases and can lead to mouth cancer. It causes effects which you can’t outdo with any of the dental procedures. Avoid smoking if you want to retain your white teeth.

When you observe the above procedures and others more, you will be creating a way of having whiter teeth and a great smile. All these procedures aren’t costly, and some require behavioral changes. When suffering from the worst teeth conditions, experts recommend visiting the dentist to have the condition analyzed and get specialized treatment to bring back your smile.