Some things we just know are bad for us. You don’t need too much information to know that you shouldn’t be putting your hand in a fire, for instance. It’s not the obvious ones that we should be concerned about. The real troublemakers are the things that we don’t know can be bad for us. We could be innocently using these things for years, not realizing the trouble that we may be causing ourselves! In this blog, we’re going to take a look at five things you may not know are bad for you

Poor Sleeping Habits

There’s a pretty big problem that isn’t often discussed: there are more people than ever before struggling to get a full night of rest under their belt. This is happening for a variety of reasons, including an increase in the intake of caffeine and the use of digital screens before bedtime. The reasons aren’t so important — what matters is that it’s happening, and it’s having a negative impact on people’s health. In the short-term, it can make people less inclined to prepare healthy meals and work up a sweat. In the long-term, it can cause heart disease, kidney disease, and depression. If you’re struggling to hit the hay, then take a look at making some changes to your lifestyle.

Some Beauty and Hygiene Products

You’d think that anything that could make you look better or feel cleaner would be a good thing, right? Alas, it’s not the case. While the majority of beauty and hygiene products won’t cause you any harm, there are a few that will. You might find it surprising to ask, ‘is talcum powder dangerous?’ but the answer, in some cases, is yes. There’s also some evidence to suggest that the chemicals that they use in beauty products can make you ill or cause allergic reactions. If you suspect one of your products might be harming you in one way or another, be sure to switch it out for a better option. 

Sitting Down

We tend to think of the way we live as normal, but it’s not really — it’s just normal to us. There’s much about our lifestyles that would be thought of as strange! And perhaps right at the top of the list would be the amount of time we spend sitting. We go from the car to the office to the couch, and barely stand up at all on some days. Spending too much sitting down has been linked with a number of health problems, including obesity, high blood pressure, and diabetes. Take a look at your lifestyle, and if you’re spending too much time in a chair, then build in more walks into your day.

Social Media

Finally, let’s think about social media. These websites are promoted as good for you (by the companies themselves), but the truth is much more mixed — they’ve been shown to increase anxiety and depression. Try giving Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram up for a little while, and see how much you miss them.