Online dating often feels like an endless sea of swiping left and right. The market for apps and websites has become over-saturated, leaving people migrating from app to app and failing to foster meaningful connections. If you’re fed up with online dating apps, read to find out six ways to switch up your dating life and make meeting people fun again… 

Put out a Personal   

Many local papers still have their seeking arrangements pages that require singletons seeking love to describe themselves in a sentence or two. These are great ways to find people with similar niche interests. Even trying to sell yourself in a single sentence without pictures can be a great way of thinking about what you bring to a relationship.  

Try a Chat Line

Another seemingly retro option, chatlines, once over landline phones, have now gone digital. They are a great way to have fun dating and spend an evening chatting with new people looking for a potential spark.   

Another great thing is that although they are specific in some respects, they are not in others. For example, although you can find a specifically black chatline, in calling it, you don’t know what job a person has or their life experiences. Therefore it can be a real opportunity to get out of your comfort zone and meet people you might otherwise have swiped no on. 

Attend Local Meetups and Make Friends   

Single’s events are becoming an increasingly common way to meet people. This is especially great as it offers an in-person first meet, but also, you know everyone at that event is serious and looking for a connection. But any local meetup can be a site to make friends and possibly romantic connections. Meetup lists events in your area. They are a great way to meet new people, try new activities, and explore new places.  

Ask Friends and Family Members   

Going on a blind date can be a lot of fun. If you find yourself stuck in a rut with dating, why not ask a friend or family member to suggest someone new for you to meet? The people in your life already may have a slightly different perspective, and you could find yourself meeting new and interesting people you would never have met otherwise.  

Try Going Virtual   

Kippo is a dedicated real-time virtual world for making friends and dating. In addition to the standard dating app protocol of posting pictures, answering prompts and writing a bio once you have matched, you can hang out in a virtual room, decorate your space and play fun games with your matches. 

Sign up for a Dating Show  

If you really want to put yourself out there, have you considered applying for your favorite dating show? We all love to watch them, but have you ever thought of applying to be on one? 

Although this option is not for everyone, it certainly is an interesting way to meet a potential partner. With many current formats offering something in the form of a scientific experiment, it is an excellent story whether you end up telling it at your wedding one day or laughing about it with your mates.  

To sum up   

Whilst only one or two of these options might take your fancy, trying something new and pushing out of your comfort zone and the restrictive format of apps can help refresh your attitude towards dating. They offer fun new experiences, and in opting to try something spontaneous, you already have something in common with whoever you might meet.