The Myers Briggs Type Indicator may have been developed in the 1960s, but it’s still used widely as a personality metric. Naturally this helps test takers become more in tune with themselves, but it can also guide them down career paths that match up to their quirks. Job-seekers and businesses alike use it to determine how well employees fit, so why not get a head start? The MBTI is taken for a variety reasons, and the ways in which it can inform your career search might be useful.

Strongest Traits

Since the test determines where you lean on each pair of attributes, you (and potential employers) will be able to see where and in which situations you’ll shine. Can you work well alone? Can you handle fast-paced projects? Are you comfortable without set rules? Any of these and more can show how well you can perform at the right sort of work.

Job Fit

Many jobs hold specific working environments, and depending on where you land on the MBTI, you might not match up well. Someone interested in a diplomacy career, for example, would generally be outgoing and intuitive about people’s feelings and problems. A good diplomat also thinks on their feet and quickly finds ways to solve problems. If this is something you’re interested in, consider additional education and training, such as online diplomacy schools. Consequently, ENFPs and ENFJs could both make great diplomats. If the career path seems compatible with your temperament, it could be a suitable path for you to follow.


Ultimately the MBTI is meant to educate you about yourself, however, so it’s useful for starting the career search at all. The better you know your personality, likes, and dislikes, the more informed you’ll be about what kind of job suits you. It’ll become clearer what environments you’ll enjoy and which you won’t, plus you’ll get a sense of how well you’ll do in jobs that reflect or contradict your results. Even if a job isn’t well-suited to your MBTI type, though, you should have a good sense of self to determine whether it’s worth pursuing.

Self Awareness through Myers Briggs

The MBTI makes a great tool for learning more about yourself. If your dream job doesn’t match, though, pursue it anyway—adjust yourself and your habits for success. Your personality is a good guide, but it needn’t be the deciding factor. No matter what your results show, it’s up to you to decide what path is best for you.