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They say everything comes full circle, and history always repeats itself. Well, it seems “they” were right. 90’s fashion trends are making a serious comeback. Walking down the street is like taking a stroll down memory lane or your favorite 90’s sitcom. Take a look at some of the trends making their way back into our closets.

Bright hats

What started with hip heavy weights like DJ Jazzy Jeff and Will Smith, has begun to take over modern style. Whether it’s a vibrant bucket hat or a floral snapback, colorful headgear is making an intense comeback with millennials. It tops off any outfit with a large pop of color, (no pun intended) for guys and gals alike. Use this trend sparingly, as it can be a little hard on the eyes.

Bold Patterns

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Florals and geometric shapes are really trendy at the moment. They can be worn on a hat, shirt, pants, or jacket. The daring fashion icons blend patterns together to create stylish hodgepodge of bold prints. We wish we could advise you on how to wear a collection of vivacious patterns, but we can’t. The trick is to step out the box and create a unique look for yourself. This 90’s fashion trend was intriguing then, just as it is now. Have fun with it!

Platform Shoes

Last seen on the infamous Spice Girls, this unique style of footwear is coming back full force. Fashion Hoax puts this trend on the top of their 90’s comeback list. They’re not as big as the platform from two decades ago, but the sole is slowly growing. Whether you choose to indulge in the sneaker, the loafer, or the boot, the platform not only enhances your height, but your style.



TLC was the biggest violator when it came to this 90’s fashion trend. They could be found in baggy overalls, sneakers, and large t shirts on any given day. Now, fashionistas like Vashtie are often found in the same get up. This signature 90’s look, was probably never expected to be seen again. They aren’t flattering to many body types, and they are annoying during a restroom trip. However, men and women are taking part in this surprising come back, donning their overalls with intently printed shirts and their choice of footwear.

High-Waisted Denim

One of the biggest trends of the 90’s has quickly become one of the biggest trends of today: the high waist. As flattering as it is, we can’t believe it ever went out of style and we hope it never happens again. Cosmo reflected on the 90’s trends and agreed that high waisted jeans are indeed on the rise. From distressed, to boyfriend, the options are numerous. An easy trend to take part in, and it works for just about anybody. Paired with a cute crop top, and you’re on your way to being a style icon. (OK, not quite.)

Biker Shorts

Found in stores like H&M, the biker short is a cute, flirty way to put together a quick outfit. It was only a matter of time before they came back, with the emergence of leggings in everyday attire. Pair it with a loose fitting shirt, or a clashing pattern, and you’ll be “the bomb” in no time.

Tying Things Around The Waist

Millennial Magazine - Shirts Tied Around Waist

A very convenient fashion trend, to say the least is tying clothes around your waist. Grab your favorite button down, jacket, or sweater, toss it around your waist, and you’re Kylie Jenner. The teen star who has mastered the 90’s grunge look has been seen with flannel or a sweater around her waist and a cute pair of gelly shoes (another trend making a swift comeback.) According to Universo Trendy, this can be seen on pretty much all of our celebrity fashion icons. It’s perfect for a trendy look, that’s doesn’t give off too much of the hipster vibe. It’s playful, but chic at the same time. Very versatile, and we vote yes.

To be blunt, we are currently in a time machine and stuck in the year 1995. The 90’s fashion trends are almost overwhelming, and this is only a fraction of the list. So, raid your parents’ bins of clothes and have a field day. If you can’t beat em, join em!

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