Japanese Fashion: 5 Trend Predictions for Spring 2016

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Ganguro, visual kei, gothic Lolita — these are just some of the words one associates with Japanese fashion trends. Such is the visual impact of these colorful, vivid, and sometimes bordering on the bizarre fashion subcultures that one can easily imagine these styles dominating the country’s trendiest streets.

There is a bit of truth in this assumption, especially if you visit large urban fashion districts such as Harajuku, Ginza, and Shibuya on any given day. However, street fashion in Japan has a lot more to offer than these curious clothing styles, and plenty of folks remain fashionable while sporting ‘normal’ clothing.

Take this spring season, for example. In addition to old and emerging Japanese fashion subcultures, these less-outrageous clothing trends are bound to make their way out into the streets.

Top 5 Japanese fashion trends:

  1. Latin-inspired outfits
    If you’ve ever been enraptured by a spirited dance of flamenco or if you’ve ever dreamed of donning an updated version of Spanish dresses, then Spring 2016 is for you. This season’s Japanese fashion runways featured colorful blossoms, fluffy sleeves, and other elements typically associated with traditional clothes from Latin America and Spain.
  2. The quintessential white shirt
    The classic white shirt never really goes out of style and is a great fit for skirts or denim pants. This article of clothing effortlessly highlights the silhouette of its user and looks appropriate in the office and in sophisticated night spots. Plus, the shirt fares well with coats and jackets — must haves in this season’s warming weather.
  3. Lingerie-inspired dresses
    The use of silk and intricate lace patterns in lingerie-inspired dresses instantly adds a sexy element to this style. Wearers of ‘slipdresses’ will also find it easy to mix and match this clothing with tailored jackets and slip-ons.
  4. Blue jean dresses
    The reign of blue jean clothes is far from over. The cloth offers adequate insulation in spring, especially when the temperatures are still a bit unpredictable. The neutral mood associated with blue jeans also adds versatility to the style of the wearer.
  5. Knitwear and bomber jackets
    Last but not the least are the outerwear. Knitwear is a great addition to feminine outfits and gives off a casual and comfortable look. Bomber jackets, on the other hand, offer an interesting contrast when paired with comfy clothes and lingerie-inspired dresses.

Despite coming from half a world away, Japanese street fashion has long held an international appeal. Make these long, flowing dresses and versatile, layer-friendly clothing pieces part of your wardrobe by ordering them from online clothing shops that specialize in bringing eastern fashion to a global audience.

2016 Picture Book of Japanese designer, HEIHEI.

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Written by Joyce Paul

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