Top 6 Benefits of Having a Mechanical Watch

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As you may or may not know, timepieces have been with us for a good six centuries now since the clock was discovered back in the 15 century. They have also evolved greatly over the years, but one thing is for sure. The wristwatch is still considered a superior accessory to date despite the availability of multiple ways to tell time. At times, buying a mechanical watch can be compared to buying the first car among teenagers or young adults. Most people will be attracted to aesthetic appeal, cool looks, and stylish designs. However, a watch is more than just about telling time and looking great for men who really treasure and value timepieces.

Mechanical watches were among the first types of their kind to be developed centuries ago. They might have evolved and undergone many adjustments to what we have today, but they still tend to be unbeatable by their quartz counterparts. From their incredible value to immense durability and reliable performance, here are the top six benefits of having a mechanical watch.

1. It Elevates Your Style

A watch collection is a must-have accessory in many men’s wardrobes. However, men who mind their style and class will rarely let an amateur watch ruin their reputation. One thing about modern mechanical watches is that they don’t look cheap and simple compared to their quartz counterparts. The entire look has been refined, advanced, and designed to make a statement wherever the wearer goes. This includes modifications like a glass top and backside that let you see the engineering of your timepiece as the gears glide against each other for the hands to keep moving. If you lay hands on some of the best skeleton watches, maintaining a stylish look becomes the least of your problems. These timepieces are quite fascinating to look at, and being spotted rocking a mechanical watch is a big deal in society. Moreover, mechanical watches are easy to pair and match with just about any outfit. Whether you are attending a dinner party, a job interview, or a corporate meeting, you don’t have to worry about coming out embarrassed.

2. It Is Durable

Another giant advantage of mechanical timepieces is that they tend to be incredibly durable. Thanks to the sophisticated craftsmanship employed in these timepieces, they can last through several generations. If you don’t need to rock an entirely different look from head to toe, just one quality mechanical watch could be enough to last the rest of your life. You will only need to keep it well maintained and occasionally serviced to keep it ticking. Rumor has it that some mechanical watches can run for an entire century when stored properly and protected from the elements. You cannot compare this to quartz and other kinds of watches that people ditch away in as little as a year.

3. Added Convenience – It Won’t Stop Running

Unlike quartz watches, a mechanical watch doesn’t rely on battery power to keep running. For instance, the self-winding version is powered by mechanical energy harnessed from simple movement and stored in a wound spring. This means that with a mechanical watch, you can forget about those moments when you wear your wristwatch, only to later discover that it is not ticking because it ran out of power. As long as you get a reputable mechanical watch, the timepiece could run until the end of the world with proper maintenance and servicing.

4. Impressive Craftsmanship

This is among the most crucial aspects that make these timepieces predominant. The craftsmanship in mechanical watches is not only fascinating; it is also a brilliant work of art and immense creativity. It takes great mastery and impressive engineering to assemble hundreds of tiny parts localized and spinning to keep the hands ticking for that long. With this kind of watch on your wrist, you are basically carrying one of the most amazing works of engineering on your wrist. Surprisingly, most of the modern mechanical watches available today are built using the same technology invented and used centuries ago.

5. Great Value

This is another great perk of owning a mechanically operated watch. Thanks to the incredible craftsmanship and impressive historical technology, mechanical watches are more valuable than most other kinds of watches. This is especially when the material of construction is considered. According to a piece recently published on CNBC on the most expensive wristwatch, a Rolex Daytona that was once worn by Paul Newman cost a whopping 17.7 million dollars in 2017. This was just before the Patek Philippe watch smashed this record by selling at $31M at an auction. Great mechanical watches take a lot of time to design, develop, refine, assemble, and produce. These are among the reasons why they are incredibly expensive.

6. Legacy

Finally, a mechanical watch always serves as a great keepsake. Thanks to its rich history, great value, immense appeal, and longevity, it can be passed down to several generations as an heirloom.

Hopefully, you now have more than a few reasons to go for a mechanical watch.

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Written by Emma Sturgis

Emma writes most often on education and business. To see more from Emma, say hi on Twitter.

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